I have sensitive skin...since I was a kid we have always had to watch what soaps, shampoos, make up, and even perfumes I could be around or I would get rashes and as I got older breakouts. NOT fun growing up and even in your 20's breaking out! Being in fitness obviously my job is to help other people break a sweat which usually means breaking one yourself soooo cue in issues!

I think I must have tried everything from the store that I could get my hands on to get rid of these issues...of course there are the stress break outs and the lovely hormonal changes that come with lady-hood but otherwise my skin SHOULD be clear! Now don't get me wrong I have never had severe acne but it was still embarrassing!

Well after years of trying different things I finally found it!

1) I love proactive...I don't need the whole kit but in high school and college it was what helped me so much!

2) Neutrogina rapid clear face wash

3) Derm exclusive

I use a mix of all 3 of these for my skin! The neutrogina fash wash, proactive repairing treatment, derm moisturizer/ exfoliating pads, and proactive oil control. There are a few others I may mix in there if I need it but that is the general regimen.

Why? Neutrogina for the sacicylic acid (deep cleans skin), and proactive for benzol peroxide (cleans out the oils/bacteria that causes acne) and the other stuff is for oil control and healing my skin. I only use the oil control where I have noticed I have the most issues (this will vary from person to person).

what do you use on your skin?

has your skin care changed over time?
So the plan was finish the Ultimate Reset and then start Body Beast well life got in the way and it looks like that won't be happening yet.

I was not going to share this but if this can help any one it is worth it! So I live in MD between DC and Baltimore..and well it doesn't usually get snowy or cold here (I mean an inch sent everyone home early Friday...I mean really why does no one deal well with snow here?) so when it does it happens rather abruptly. Any ways it had just gotten cold and there was some run off on the road that looking back, looks like it is coming from a car dealership. At any rate I was heading home after work the same way I usually do and I was trying to decelerate to stop behind the person in front of me. I wasn't speeding or even going fast and then out of no where my car hit a patch of black ice going down the hill and wouldn't stop. I hit the car in front of me, an SUV with just the driver.

Obviously this was the so scary, for me I have never been in an accident or wrecked my car so this was horrifying! What is crazy is that I am from north central PA, we get snow and bad weather all year round but I have never dealt with ice. At any rate I am waiting to hear about the car and I am ok (so is the other driver) however I think my car is done. The air bag deployed and the whole front of the car is an absolute mess. I am lucky to just have bruising from seat belt, and air bag, and some minor burns from the air bag dust (note get the windows down ASAP that crap burns your lungs!) and a minor concussion. I'm okay which is the most important part!  Shaken up was an understatement but very blessed to be here.

I know this may sound so silly but I believe everything happens for a reason and I want to learn from this and really be sure to enjoy every minute, you never know when it will be your last.

So in this situation, never panic! There was little I could do where I was sliding so I just tried to stop the car but swerving or jerking the car will only make things worse. Be very cautious with dark/wet spots on the road at night/while driving at any time you never know when there will  be black ice. Some people have mixed feelings about this but my dad (a state trooper) always taught me to call the police and file an official report for the insurance. Make sure you exchange all information if there is another driver too. Just to be safe! The last thing is adrenaline will be pumping...I didn't realize I was injured until the day after because my body was so wired! Make sure you seek medical attention if you need it! If my symptoms persist I will be going to the ER asap! I promise now onto some fitness!

As far as my fitness goes until my head injury heals I am going to be focusing on clean eating and resting up. I have learned I really need to listen to my body in order to get better. As tough as that is!! My plantar fasciitis is feeling better (thanks to keeping it all wrapped and supported) so I was ready for some lifting and low impact cardio but as of right now I need to fully heal first. I am dying to get back to it because I haven't worked out in a month (got a cold, then got plantar, then the reset, now this!) but again I don't want to hurt myself more, sigh, so I am being patient.

I have of course started reading all the food stuff and work out info and OMG I get to eat sooo much food! I love building muscle! We will see when I get to start!

Are you from an area where you get a lot of snow/ice?

How do you deal with "cabin fever"?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
So as you may have read here or on my Facebook page, I recently did the Beachbody Ultimate reset. Now fist off let's be clear I have never been one that was obese but I was over weight as a skinny fat girl--gee thanks genetics of a 5'8 lady! But I have lost all the weight and kept it off so this was more about changing habits and having a better relationship with food and vegetables (see previous post!)

So here are my results!!

I am 5'8 as I said
Before weight: 138
Before body fat: 17.8

After weight: 130
Body fat: 16.8

Not only do I have new veggie recipes but I lost the holiday weight plus some extra body fat!!

Now what? Time to plan and prep for body beast and bring on the muscle!

What is your workout plan like?

How often do you change up your work outs?

Happy Thursday everyone!!!! So hard to believe I am on the last day of the reset already!! At times it was definitely tough but soo worth the rewards. For me doing the reset wasn't really about weight loss (although it did help get rid of the holiday puffiness that was sticking around). For me the biggest thing was to develop better habits and a better relationship with food.

I am going to be completely honest with you guys...as much as I love living and eating healthy some days I just would get completely off track and feel deprived because Mike (my 6'5 can eat whatever he wants boyfriend) could eat cakes, and whatever else he could shovel in his mouth! It is so tempting and way too easy to feel deprived and get off track. And then the holidays come and it's pretty challenging to say no to my mom's cooking!! Of course these are all just crutches and 100% my fault. These are some of the biggest reasons I started the reset, I needed to change.

So results will come once I am officially done but here are my thoughts and of course what I have learned.


~Yes it was tough not working out, but I have plantar fasciitis right now so I needed to rest any ways. Other wise you can walk, do yoga, and other light activities but nothing too strenuous because remember your body is having it's own internal work out right now!

~the food- there were a couple things I either couldn't find or I just didn't like so I would go to a meal in that block (each week is a block/phase) and stick with the supplements.

~improvements in my life:
I sleep better...more soundly
I haven't had any stomach issues (I have slight lactose and puffiness associated with too much gluten so I have to watch)
I do not crave sugar...weirdly I crave veggies!
I am more excited to try new foods and veggies
I have found a new system I can add to my life to eat cleaner and enjoy vegetables
I have had the mental clarity to rest for 21 days
I am no longer a caffeine or sugar addict
I feel all around healthier!
and hey an added bonus the winter weight plus some body fat are goneeeee! 
Some other good things were that I have finally found new ways to eat veggies that are HEALTHY AND TASTE GOOD!!! Yes I know this was a shock for me too!! I get so tired of the same old things and honestly there are just some I plain and simple hate (exhibit green beans YUCK!). I did try as many as I could but there are just some things I like the green beans I just do not like at all! But that was okay because it didn't hinder my results. I think I will probably end up keeping a majority of the recipes and having them as sides to dinners and with lunches (especially the soups and salads!) .

Other than liking vegetables more it also got me out of my sweets kick.I do have a serious sweet tooth and I have decided that a little is okay but when you go over board is when problems arise. This is really an area you have to decide for yourself what results you want and where your goals are headed. All I know is for me, if I don't let myself have a little when I want it I will some way later to decide I earned it and over do it.

~no coffee...eh I was okay here. The first 2 days were rough I was a little cranky and got some caffeine withdrawl headaches (yup I drank wayyyy too much!) but after that I was doing just fine with green tea and water.

~I did drink my shakeology as my afternoon snack--this really helps keep my sugar cravings down!

~will I keep up with the maintenance? I haven't decided yet. I did really miss meat...I think because I couldn't have it, that made me want it more

Other random things I have learned:
I did  realize I really do love eating clean and leading that lifestyle but I am not perfect. So I am going to allow myself 2 "out and about cheats"-so if Mike and I go out or I want an adult beverage ;-) I will have those. My biggest plan is to stick to clean eating and start learning to make my favorite treats healthier.

My plan after the reset:
~ease back into eating meat
~still will limit dairy (I will continue with Greek yogurt and cottage cheese but nothing else)
~avoiding wheat/gluten--1 day of pasta per week
~eating 5-7x per day
~lots of veggies
~keeping up with my shakes
~starting body beast Monday!!
~make favorite foods clean
~have 2 outings/cheats per month
~plan and prep meals the weekend before

Have you made any big changes that you plan to keep up with?

Some of my tasty reset foods!
Oy I cannot believe how fast and slowly this week went all at the same time!! TGIF!! I have actually had the most productive week in ages! it has been so  great and really allowed me to fit in more stuff without spending any more time! Ahhh the feeling of organization!! I am huge on to do lists.

At any rate week 2 of the ultimate reset is in the bag! I will say being a vegan/vegetarian is not bad at all but because I cannot have food it makes me want it! I have lost 6 lbs from day 1 to now and I am so happy with that! My goal from here on out is just to stick to the plan and stay focused. I will admit I have been stressed so I have definitely had chocolate when I shouldn't have but back on track and putting it behind me!

What I have learned so far is that it is really about balance and a lifelong plan, putting a deadline on a healthy lifestyle just seems like setting yourself up for failure. For me I just want to be healthy and stay fit for the rest of my life! I am starting to get the itch to get back into working out. It is almost a blessing to still have sore feet and ankles or I would probably squeeze in some exercise! But I know in the end that will not help this process along. I do love learning all new ways to eat and cook vegetables that I hadn't done before (see coming recipe). I know a lot of this will stick with me when I am finished with the reset. Stay tuned for a full review and progress pics and measurements!

Also 2 new discoveries that you absolutely need to try : wasabi peas and spicy roasted chick peas! If you like spicy foods trust me you will love these and they are super healthy!!


Zucchini Cashew Soup

Take ¼ cup of cashews and soak in water for one hour. In the meantime take 1-2 zucchini (depending on the size) and cube and steam. Once cashews have soaked throw cashews and cubed zucchini in a blender. Blend until smooth. You may add chicken broth or water to increase liquid content. Then take mixture and heat and enjoy! Optional add veggies as well (once you are heating).

How often do you mix it up and try new recipes?
It is easy for someone to say I want to reduce my body fat by 50% or I want to lose 20 pounds and sure those are great goals but without a game plan these are not likely to happen. The key is to set goals that meet the SMART criteria!

Specific- So for example, I want to lose weight is NOT specific! Instead I want to lose ___ pounds

Measurable- By measurable I mean set a number with it like above example losing 20 pounds

Attainable- Can this goal actually happen? For example, I want to lose 20 pounds is attainable…but not in one week!! In this case the best thing to do is to break down that goal into mini chunks like: I want to lose 2 pounds per week.

Realistic- Are you in a spot right now where this goal can happen? Are you willing to work for it? These are questions to ask in order to find out how realistic these goals actually are!

Timely- set a deadline! I will be ___ weight by ___ 2013. If your goals are just hanging out there in the breeze there is little pressure to actually accomplish these.

All goals are possible with a little planning, research, and of course commitment!

Have you set any goals for 2013?

Wow so it has been a crazy week! Sorry for the absence on here...I just have not had time! Today is Mike's b-day so being on the reset may be a little challenging but I am going to stick to my plan!!

So results so far? I am down 4 lbs and my jeans are already starting to fit looser in places I knew they were getting a tad snug (well duh, I mean who eats cookies as a meal?).

On day 3 I actually had to push it back a day because I had to go to the grocery store and pick up all the produce and odds and ends.

Do I feel deprived? NO! Not at all...my sweet tooth still gets some cravings but that is more emotional/lack of sleep based at this point rather than physical hunger. The first 2 days were the hardest because my eating habits did a complete 180, from cookies to green veggies!

What are my favorite recipes?
So far I have been surprised by what I actually like, I am a pretty picky eater but I have been trying all of the recipes and I actually haven't dislike any so far. I will say I am not a huge fan of steamed kale/spinach so I just combine them. (ex: eggs, steamed spinach or kale, 2 slices of toast. I just throw the spinach into the eggs and make an omelet.) I really loved the miso soup, the sushi rolls, and the roasted root medley! I will definitely be making those again!

Purpose of week 1?
To get you on track with clean eating and starting to eliminate meats and animals products from your diet. There is a big emphasis on whole grains and plant based nutrition.

Shakeology...yup got to keep drinking it! Thank goodness because it keeps those earlier mentioned cravings in check!

Cooking time?
I recommend going through the recipe book and making a grocery list before starting. I had most of the stuff but there were a bunch of key things I did not have so I had to pause there for day 3. The other thing is make sure you lay out all your stuff and just follow the recipes. They are super easy to cook and delicious but without the stuff out it is easy to forget something.

Did I follow it 100%?
I'd say 95%. Why? I had to pause a day to get the rest of the foods and also there are just some things I couldn't find so I substituted for foods from earlier in the recipe book or something comparable in nutrient profiles.

Cheats? While you aren't supposed to I did allow myself a piece of chocolate as a reward for staying on track over the weekend. Those are the toughest times for me because Mike (my boyfriend) is not as concerned with health so he has cookies etc in the house.

Here are some of the meals! Now onto week 2! If you have any questions or you are thinking of trying the reset message me on Facebook, i'd be happy to help! 
Hard to believe how fast this whole process is going!! I am starting day 3 and down 3 lbs already!

Day 2 meals were so filling! On day one after shocking my body with not eating cookies, coffee, or junk food at all I was a little fatigued but I am really starting to feel better. My body just feels "cleaner", not sure if that makes sense to you guys but hey!

Also, this program is really teaching me different ways to eat and to cook. While the purpose by the end is to be gluten, meat, and dairy free, the recipes are very flavorful and make the idea of being a vegan or vegetarian a bit easier to handle for the time being (sorry guys I LOVE my chicken and turkey).

The other new thing is no matter what I need to have the right amount of energy for this whole process to work. So at first the not working out thing was a huge issue but with a sprained ankle you can't go too wrong with staying off of it and focusing on nutrition. And honestly, thank God! It hurts so much so focusing on this distracts my mind.  Besides not working out getting plenty of sleep is crucial. Usually I can get by with 5.5-7 hours and be functioning etc. However, the UR will not work right if you do not let your body rest and heal. So now I am getting at least 7 and listening to my body for when it says you need more sleep...hence my 9 pm bed time haha!

At any rate..so far so good!! One last thing I need to go to the store tonight so I am going to draw the rest out one day so I can make sure I follow the food guidelines 100%. so sticking to the recipes today that I have and skipping supplements until tomorrow!

So I think it is UBER important I share every step of the way with this process so that is the plan!

Day one was definitely a shock for my body! From eating Christmas cookies as a meal a few days prior to eating 100% clean meals! I must say I did miss cooking, something I really do enjoy about "being an adult". At any rate the foods are so delicious it is not like any other cleanse or detox I have ever followed which is great because those are BRUTAL! I mean yes they work but my goodness, yup, I am a huge weenie with this stuff!

I was definitely a little fatigued by the end of the day from my body not having the what became usual, sugar/caffeine intake it was used to. But other wise I am feeling great about the food choices and changes coming!! As I am writing this it is the start of day 2 so I am already down 2 lbs!! Cannot wait to share the progress shots and measurements with you guys!

So how does it work?
think of it as pushing the reset button on your body. As we eat/live we ingest not only the chemicals in our food but in the environment as well and our bodies hold on to these. With the reset, the goal is to rid your body of all toxins and help you recharge.

It is a 21 day program with pre-planned meals and supplements to keep you on track. The only thing that sucks for me is, you cannot work out. Why? GOD I KNOW! I asked the same thing! ugh but the reason is that your internal chemistry and organs cannot clean up and detox your body if it also has to heal your muscles from the stress exercise puts on it. The body needs to focus!