Wow so it has been a crazy week! Sorry for the absence on here...I just have not had time! Today is Mike's b-day so being on the reset may be a little challenging but I am going to stick to my plan!!

So results so far? I am down 4 lbs and my jeans are already starting to fit looser in places I knew they were getting a tad snug (well duh, I mean who eats cookies as a meal?).

On day 3 I actually had to push it back a day because I had to go to the grocery store and pick up all the produce and odds and ends.

Do I feel deprived? NO! Not at sweet tooth still gets some cravings but that is more emotional/lack of sleep based at this point rather than physical hunger. The first 2 days were the hardest because my eating habits did a complete 180, from cookies to green veggies!

What are my favorite recipes?
So far I have been surprised by what I actually like, I am a pretty picky eater but I have been trying all of the recipes and I actually haven't dislike any so far. I will say I am not a huge fan of steamed kale/spinach so I just combine them. (ex: eggs, steamed spinach or kale, 2 slices of toast. I just throw the spinach into the eggs and make an omelet.) I really loved the miso soup, the sushi rolls, and the roasted root medley! I will definitely be making those again!

Purpose of week 1?
To get you on track with clean eating and starting to eliminate meats and animals products from your diet. There is a big emphasis on whole grains and plant based nutrition.

Shakeology...yup got to keep drinking it! Thank goodness because it keeps those earlier mentioned cravings in check!

Cooking time?
I recommend going through the recipe book and making a grocery list before starting. I had most of the stuff but there were a bunch of key things I did not have so I had to pause there for day 3. The other thing is make sure you lay out all your stuff and just follow the recipes. They are super easy to cook and delicious but without the stuff out it is easy to forget something.

Did I follow it 100%?
I'd say 95%. Why? I had to pause a day to get the rest of the foods and also there are just some things I couldn't find so I substituted for foods from earlier in the recipe book or something comparable in nutrient profiles.

Cheats? While you aren't supposed to I did allow myself a piece of chocolate as a reward for staying on track over the weekend. Those are the toughest times for me because Mike (my boyfriend) is not as concerned with health so he has cookies etc in the house.

Here are some of the meals! Now onto week 2! If you have any questions or you are thinking of trying the reset message me on Facebook, i'd be happy to help! 

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