I have sensitive skin...since I was a kid we have always had to watch what soaps, shampoos, make up, and even perfumes I could be around or I would get rashes and as I got older breakouts. NOT fun growing up and even in your 20's breaking out! Being in fitness obviously my job is to help other people break a sweat which usually means breaking one yourself soooo cue in issues!

I think I must have tried everything from the store that I could get my hands on to get rid of these issues...of course there are the stress break outs and the lovely hormonal changes that come with lady-hood but otherwise my skin SHOULD be clear! Now don't get me wrong I have never had severe acne but it was still embarrassing!

Well after years of trying different things I finally found it!

1) I love proactive...I don't need the whole kit but in high school and college it was what helped me so much!

2) Neutrogina rapid clear face wash

3) Derm exclusive

I use a mix of all 3 of these for my skin! The neutrogina fash wash, proactive repairing treatment, derm moisturizer/ exfoliating pads, and proactive oil control. There are a few others I may mix in there if I need it but that is the general regimen.

Why? Neutrogina for the sacicylic acid (deep cleans skin), and proactive for benzol peroxide (cleans out the oils/bacteria that causes acne) and the other stuff is for oil control and healing my skin. I only use the oil control where I have noticed I have the most issues (this will vary from person to person).

what do you use on your skin?

has your skin care changed over time?

02/20/2013 12:57

I sell Mary kay! Can I send you some samples!


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