So the plan was finish the Ultimate Reset and then start Body Beast well life got in the way and it looks like that won't be happening yet.

I was not going to share this but if this can help any one it is worth it! So I live in MD between DC and Baltimore..and well it doesn't usually get snowy or cold here (I mean an inch sent everyone home early Friday...I mean really why does no one deal well with snow here?) so when it does it happens rather abruptly. Any ways it had just gotten cold and there was some run off on the road that looking back, looks like it is coming from a car dealership. At any rate I was heading home after work the same way I usually do and I was trying to decelerate to stop behind the person in front of me. I wasn't speeding or even going fast and then out of no where my car hit a patch of black ice going down the hill and wouldn't stop. I hit the car in front of me, an SUV with just the driver.

Obviously this was the so scary, for me I have never been in an accident or wrecked my car so this was horrifying! What is crazy is that I am from north central PA, we get snow and bad weather all year round but I have never dealt with ice. At any rate I am waiting to hear about the car and I am ok (so is the other driver) however I think my car is done. The air bag deployed and the whole front of the car is an absolute mess. I am lucky to just have bruising from seat belt, and air bag, and some minor burns from the air bag dust (note get the windows down ASAP that crap burns your lungs!) and a minor concussion. I'm okay which is the most important part!  Shaken up was an understatement but very blessed to be here.

I know this may sound so silly but I believe everything happens for a reason and I want to learn from this and really be sure to enjoy every minute, you never know when it will be your last.

So in this situation, never panic! There was little I could do where I was sliding so I just tried to stop the car but swerving or jerking the car will only make things worse. Be very cautious with dark/wet spots on the road at night/while driving at any time you never know when there will  be black ice. Some people have mixed feelings about this but my dad (a state trooper) always taught me to call the police and file an official report for the insurance. Make sure you exchange all information if there is another driver too. Just to be safe! The last thing is adrenaline will be pumping...I didn't realize I was injured until the day after because my body was so wired! Make sure you seek medical attention if you need it! If my symptoms persist I will be going to the ER asap! I promise now onto some fitness!

As far as my fitness goes until my head injury heals I am going to be focusing on clean eating and resting up. I have learned I really need to listen to my body in order to get better. As tough as that is!! My plantar fasciitis is feeling better (thanks to keeping it all wrapped and supported) so I was ready for some lifting and low impact cardio but as of right now I need to fully heal first. I am dying to get back to it because I haven't worked out in a month (got a cold, then got plantar, then the reset, now this!) but again I don't want to hurt myself more, sigh, so I am being patient.

I have of course started reading all the food stuff and work out info and OMG I get to eat sooo much food! I love building muscle! We will see when I get to start!

Are you from an area where you get a lot of snow/ice?

How do you deal with "cabin fever"?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

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