4 egg whites, 1 egg with spinach and salsa!
1/2 c oats and strawberries!! yummy for my preworkout fuel!!
1/2 scoop of Vanilla Whey
1/2 scoop of shakeology
1 T PB2 and a few strawberries!
Post workout!
1 C spinach, 1 cup romaine
3/4 c brown rice
2 T low sodium soy sauve
6 oz chicken
1/2 T EVOO
Post workout # 2
Turkey meat loaf muffins (see dinner recipes!)
with almonds (not shown)
A ton of asparagus-sauteed with EVOO spray
6 oz pork loin
1/2 c brown rice
 I have been asked to share my current plans with lifting/the gym since I just finished P90x2!

So I will be 2x workouts / day 5 days a week and on weekends just Saturday morning with Sunday's off!

I personally prefer my cardio to be more fun than machines to I do turbofire and Insanity (www.fitandhealthywithbeth.com) at home in the AM and will be trying out Jamie Eason's livefit trainer (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-easons-livefit-introduction.html) in the afternoon's at the gym!

So here is what it looks like!

Weeks 1-2

M: am: turbofire HIIT

pm: Livefit chest/tri

T: am: turbofire 

pm: Livefit Back/bis

W: am:turbofire HIIT

pm: Livefit legs

R: am: turbofire

pm: yoga

F: am: turbofire HIIT

pm: shoulders/ab

S: turbo


Yes I know Livefit says no cardio but I am much more interested in mixing things up with my own flare! Of course this means I will need to eat more as the first phase is all about building muscle endurance but I am always up for that ;-) stay tuned for some fun new recipes and tips!

interested in doing one or both of these with me let me know!

new age cereal!! Pre-workout fuel

1/4 walnuts
1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 c whole strawberries
1/2 banana

PWO shake- 1/2 scoop chocolate shakeology
1/2 scoop vanilla whey
1 T Pb2
1/2 c almond milk
ice and water!

Spinach with romaine lettuce
1/2 T EVOO
1 T balsamic vinaigrette
4 oz grilled chicken
1/2 c whole strawberries

Fat free chobani (6 oz)
with 2 packets of stevia
and 1T pumpkin (YUM!)
with 25 cocoa roasted almonds

Flax breaded tilapia fillets with corn on the cob!

So it is time for a true life confession!

Vacation was coming so I ate SUPER clean! Limiting sweets and cheats and I was super happy with how I had leaned out!Knowing that I could do that and get to those results was very empowering and it was amazing!! Well then vacation hit...I tried to make good decision-especially at the grocery store see below!

However, I was with my family...and no hating on them but they do not focus as much on eating clean so it was challenging to be around those foods that I know taste good but are HORRIBLE for me (chips, oreos, etc etc!). for me if it's there I'm going to eat...especially if I am bored or stressed out...so of course what happened? I ate clean maybe 3 or 4 meals each day but at night ate whatever the heck I wanted (eek) but hey I'm being honest!!

From oreos, donuts, fudge, soft pretzels (yes I know many of you are cringing! I am too remembering how sick my stomach felt!) and even my favorite...velveeta!!

Before vacation I was 129 lbs...post vacation,...oooh here we go...140!!! YIKES! But I knew it was coming. And while weight is an awful way to measure fitness level and progress it helps me see how foods affect my body-- I puff the instant I eat too much sugar or salt! Sooooo I started Monday eating 6 clean meals a day, a gallon of water (this killed me too being at the ocean and having to pee all the time...major pain when the water is flippin' cold!!! so I was a bit dehydrated from normal!)--on another note I DID workout every day I was there-- or it may have been worse! Well with back to clean eating Kim Lyons fat flush water I am already down 6 lbs of water puff and my abs are peeping through again! Thankfully I know how my body reacts these days so it wasn't as awful to come back...to be honest after all that crappy food I was soooo excited to see my egg whites and ezekiel Monday morning! so I am back to my lower carb lifestyle please as punch and happily de-puffing myself lol!

Just to show you that even fitness people struggle!!! Stay tuned to see where I go from here!

So the age old question is always to cheat or not to cheat? Is it worth it to skimp on your scheduled meals and if so how much?

In the fitness industry this topic is HIGHLY debated and like most other things is something that varies for goals and each person. Let's look at both sides of the story...

To cheat: these individuals believe that there are 2 prime reasons to cheat:
1~ mental effects-- many people who are eating healthy are unfortunately "depriving themselves" of the foods that the industry has trained us to crave. So rather than full out binging you allow yourself one controlled "naughty food" that will keep you satisfied and on track.
2~physical-- other individuals believe cheat meals rebuild your glycogen stores which they say that dieting or eating clean for an extended amount of time ultimately depletes, making it harder for you to work out at 100% intensity.

Not to cheat:
Other individuals believe that your body runs like a car with fuel. If you put regular gasoline in a car that requires premium your body, like that car, will run sluggish and not function how it should. And you can also potentially ruin the internal workings of that car as well.

For me?

No this is not me but this sure is my biggest weakness! I do get cravings, I do want to eat crappy when stressed (mostly because it's more convenient) BUT I can recognize these triggers and no longer worry as much. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Also, I no longer feel deprived NOT eating those foods because I know how bad they are for my body and my goals! I do most definitely indulge from time to time.
What works for me is balancing everything. If I want something crappy I usually try to figure out why first. Is it hunger? Is it thirst? Is it stress/sleep deprivation?

If I really feel like I NEED something I will have it because I know I will just go back later and eat 2x as bad! I don't usually plan a cheat but if it happens it happens. My rule? 80% of my week is clean eating and if I fudge a little it's alright because no one is perfect. Also, I know even if I want that cheat food, I always feel bad (almost always) afterwards so most times it isn't worth it!

My favorite cheats: Pizza, cakes, bread, pretzels and french fries. What an odd mix?

I wou

Well you guessed it we are moving!! We found our dream home and have decided it was time to "get domestic" (ahhaha just kidding) thus the moving begins again!!

So last time my plan was to eat healthy and workout no matter what...well like most I did fall off my plan some. However, thankfully this was a much shorter duration and a bit easier of a transition. This time I was committed to not making those mistakes so here is what I did and plan to do while traveling this weekend!

1) Pack options for healthy snacks so you aren't tempted!
    For me this includes Egg puffs (See breakfast recipes), almonds, protein bars (JUST IN CASE), fruit, shakeology, Greek yogurt with pumpkin, fat free cottage cheese with cinnamon, endamamme, carrot/peppers and hummus. These are pretty easy to transport and will take up the in between meals.
        I eat 5-6 times a day depending on the day!

2) TRACK EVERYTHING! I know this can be challenging and sometimes a bit of a pain but trust me if you want to know what not to do this is a good way to go about it!
    I like www.myfitnesspal.com
    Add me and see what my days are like!! emsimpler is my ID!

3) Pack workout gear and dvds! Easily transportable and convenient with my lap top!!
    sneakers, workout clothes, resistance tubing, dvds. NO EXCUSES!

4) Make a plan! As unpredictable as trips and moving are have an action plan! I get up wayyyy before everyone else to ensure I still get my workouts in! Even if it's a quick one, something is better than no workout at all!!

5) Make smart take out choices! It won't be perfect of course but if you smile and ask nicely modifications can be made at almost any restaurant! Look up the menu/calorie choices ahead of time so you know (these are not always accurate but are a better way than just ordering at random).
    steer clear of: bread baskets, alcohol, sugary drinks, pasta, white rice, oils, battered

    opt for: plain, grilled, baked, broiled, no butter, brown rice, egg whites, fruit for dessert

And remember no one is perfect but preparation allows for more control and more knowledge of what you are eating!!