So it is time for a true life confession!

Vacation was coming so I ate SUPER clean! Limiting sweets and cheats and I was super happy with how I had leaned out!Knowing that I could do that and get to those results was very empowering and it was amazing!! Well then vacation hit...I tried to make good decision-especially at the grocery store see below!

However, I was with my family...and no hating on them but they do not focus as much on eating clean so it was challenging to be around those foods that I know taste good but are HORRIBLE for me (chips, oreos, etc etc!). for me if it's there I'm going to eat...especially if I am bored or stressed of course what happened? I ate clean maybe 3 or 4 meals each day but at night ate whatever the heck I wanted (eek) but hey I'm being honest!!

From oreos, donuts, fudge, soft pretzels (yes I know many of you are cringing! I am too remembering how sick my stomach felt!) and even my favorite...velveeta!!

Before vacation I was 129 vacation,...oooh here we go...140!!! YIKES! But I knew it was coming. And while weight is an awful way to measure fitness level and progress it helps me see how foods affect my body-- I puff the instant I eat too much sugar or salt! Sooooo I started Monday eating 6 clean meals a day, a gallon of water (this killed me too being at the ocean and having to pee all the time...major pain when the water is flippin' cold!!! so I was a bit dehydrated from normal!)--on another note I DID workout every day I was there-- or it may have been worse! Well with back to clean eating Kim Lyons fat flush water I am already down 6 lbs of water puff and my abs are peeping through again! Thankfully I know how my body reacts these days so it wasn't as awful to come be honest after all that crappy food I was soooo excited to see my egg whites and ezekiel Monday morning! so I am back to my lower carb lifestyle please as punch and happily de-puffing myself lol!

Just to show you that even fitness people struggle!!! Stay tuned to see where I go from here!


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