Your mom always said eat breakfast, its the healthiest meal of the day! Well she was right!

Over night your body goes into "fasting" and the longer it is without fuel when you are up and moving the more likely it is to go into fat storage mode.

To prevent this eating a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking can really turn your body into a fat burning machine!

Who would have thought, eat more to weigh less!?

Studies show that those who ate a healthy breakfast weighed less than those participants that didn't!!!

Also, by skipping breakfast, because you are starving later, you are more likely to over eat!!

Some easy breakfast ideas:
*Oatmeal with fruit

*Eggs and whole wheat toast with a small side of fruit

*Whole grain cereal with fat free milk (watch the sugar in these)!!! *Whole wheat pancakes with apple sauce (sugar free)
or Peanut Butter (natural) instead of syrup or sugar free syrup

*Veggie Omelets

*Whole wheat bagels/English muffins


Generally anything with protein, good carbs, and a little bit of fat is a great option for breakfast! Even if you are on the go you can make healthy choices!

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So many people ask me -what is clean eating? Is eating my Kraft Mac and Cheese clean? Heck no!!! So to elaborate more on this if it comes in a bag, a packet, a box or any other form that is not in its natural form it’s not clean!

                Specifically, clean eating can be summed up as, eating foods in their most natural form with no additives, refraining from anything that processes or takes away the nutrients of the food itself! Examples of not clean: whit

Clues for clean eating…

*If it has too many ingredients, some of which sound like a chemistry experiment…NOT CLEAN

        *Search for foods that have only ONE ingredient within them (Ex: eggs, one ingredient, EGGS!)

*If you can’t go pull it off a tree, the ground, from the water, or it roams wild IT IS CLEAN!

*Foods should not require added sugars, sodium, etc!

        Note: You can combine clean foods, add seasonings, flavor etc to them and it is still clean but it has to be in its natural form! (Ex: apples over applesauce, tomatoes over Ketchup).

So many people go to the gym and mindlessly walk on the treadmill or lift some weights and they do not enjoy it! If you have fitness goals and go to the gym but aren’t having fun and aren’t making any progress chances are you need to find a workout you enjoy even if you are the one creating it!

        Your soul mate workout should uplift you and you should enjoy and look forward to doing this each chance you get! So let’s find yours!

        Questions to ask yourself:

*Indoors/outdoors? *Group or solo? * Competitive or not? *Slow and steady/fast pace?  *Music or silence? * How coordinated are you?

Part 2:

*What sports do you enjoy? *What exercise makes you feel alive and happy? *What exercises are torturous? *What music inspires/pushes you? *What environment pushes you (group/solo/team)? *Does workout fashion matter? *Do you meditate or need time alone?

So now take these adjectives and pieces of info from above and start writing them all together, research what workouts encompass all the things you enjoy or simply create your own!! 

~Ideas from Chalene Johnson’s book Push—must read!!

Chances are if you are a woman you have some pre-concieved notion that you will bulk up or get "manly" however, that is just simply impossible! You DO NOT have the amount of testosterone necessary to achieve this!
This is Jamie Eason, she lifts heavy weights and does she look bulky? NOT AT ALL! This is what actually happens. How do you get these results? Lift heavy weights, eat clean, and proper supplements!

How do I lift heavy?

-Weights heavy enough so that you are only able to do 6-8 reps!

What is eating clean?

-Eating whole un-processed food, from the ground, not out of a box!
    Examples: egg whites, lean protein meats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

Proper supplements?

-Shakeology/whey protein
-Fish oils
-Calcium-Magnesium supplement (necessary for lifters to avoid bone depletion)

Benefits of lifting heavy:

-Increased muscle mass = lean and tight body
-Faster metabolism (you get to eat more food!)

-More self confidence
-Overall increased strength and mobility