Your mom always said eat breakfast, its the healthiest meal of the day! Well she was right!

Over night your body goes into "fasting" and the longer it is without fuel when you are up and moving the more likely it is to go into fat storage mode.

To prevent this eating a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking can really turn your body into a fat burning machine!

Who would have thought, eat more to weigh less!?

Studies show that those who ate a healthy breakfast weighed less than those participants that didn't!!!

Also, by skipping breakfast, because you are starving later, you are more likely to over eat!!

Some easy breakfast ideas:
*Oatmeal with fruit

*Eggs and whole wheat toast with a small side of fruit

*Whole grain cereal with fat free milk (watch the sugar in these)!!! *Whole wheat pancakes with apple sauce (sugar free)
or Peanut Butter (natural) instead of syrup or sugar free syrup

*Veggie Omelets

*Whole wheat bagels/English muffins


Generally anything with protein, good carbs, and a little bit of fat is a great option for breakfast! Even if you are on the go you can make healthy choices!

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