So many people ask me -what is clean eating? Is eating my Kraft Mac and Cheese clean? Heck no!!! So to elaborate more on this if it comes in a bag, a packet, a box or any other form that is not in its natural form it’s not clean!

                Specifically, clean eating can be summed up as, eating foods in their most natural form with no additives, refraining from anything that processes or takes away the nutrients of the food itself! Examples of not clean: whit

Clues for clean eating…

*If it has too many ingredients, some of which sound like a chemistry experiment…NOT CLEAN

        *Search for foods that have only ONE ingredient within them (Ex: eggs, one ingredient, EGGS!)

*If you can’t go pull it off a tree, the ground, from the water, or it roams wild IT IS CLEAN!

*Foods should not require added sugars, sodium, etc!

        Note: You can combine clean foods, add seasonings, flavor etc to them and it is still clean but it has to be in its natural form! (Ex: apples over applesauce, tomatoes over Ketchup).


02/21/2012 14:01

The less ingredients the better! :)


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