I talk about this stuff all the time, heck there is a whole tab about it on here; but what is it?!

Shakeology is the healthiest thing you can put in your body each and every day! If you need to lose weight, if you want to take a protein supplement, or if you just hate vegetables this is for you!! Why? It has over 70 ingredients including pre/pro biotics, protein, as well as a ton of other healthy ingredients!

Why do I love it? I like everyone else, struggle with eating healthy and enjoying those foods BUT with this it's easy! I make a promise to my body each and every day to take care of it and fill it with healthy and wonderful foods! I have lost 25 lbs doing turbofire and drinking shakeology so it works!!

Results? Check out hers >

So no matter what you need to lose or not this is for you! Want more details? Check out the tab above or message me more for more info or if you want to try a sample!! emsimpler@gmail.com
Your comfort zone...the little bubble you like to live inside of because it's comfortable and a "safe zone." The problem with this is that you are NOT living life or taking chances and working to your full potential! 

Take chances and be bold!! Easier said than done huh? Here's how!

1) Do what scares you. I am a firm believer in this idea, you aren't truly living or working to your full potential if you aren't! If being in front of crowds scares you then go take a toast masters class!  

2) Work on yourself. Personal growth and development will make you a much stronger and more confident person.  The best i've found for this are Chalene Johnson, Brian Tracy,Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, and many more. Get audios, videos, take classes, and make you better!

3) Be confident!! Believe in yourself, your goals, and in general, YOU!!  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! 

4) Surround yourself with confident positive individuals. You are a summation of the people you hang out with, so why not hang with people who believe as you do and want to better themselves. Get rid of the nay sayers!

5) Eliminate negative self talk! only talk to yourself in a positive voice, every time you feel the negativity coming write down the negative thoughts, cross them off and write a positive affirmation for why you can do it!!! 

Have a wonderful day :-)

I get a lot of questions on what I do and how I got into the fitness industry!

i am a fitness consultant...which means I own my own fitness business through Beachbody!! My goal in life is to help others live a healthier life and reach their goals. I motivate, inspire, and find answers to help my clients/customers questions and problems!

Beachbody is a wonderful company, they are the makers of P90x, Insanity, Turbofire, etc! Fitness + nutrition + accountability! So many people go to the gym or they pay a ton of $$ for things they have no idea how to do! With Beachbody you never have to worry, they give you everything you need and tell you exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to go! all you need to do is follow it!! And of course the results speak for themselves! 
So who can coach?
Anyone! You do not need to be an expert but if you are into fitness already you are a "shoe in"! Consider it another "tool in your fitness tool box."

Consider it a raise without a second job!

So why coach?
Do you love fitness/nutrition/health? Yes? then you should coach!
Do you already workout with Beachbody products?yes? then you should coach!
Do you need more accountability? Yes who doesn't?! then you should coach!
Do you need to be super fit? Heck no!! Being on a journey is much more relatable and easier to help others!

How do you market/sell?
When ever any one wants to purchase something you just send them to one of your websites!! Easy as that! No middle man, no stock, no commitment!

First month~$40.00 (business starter kit + web fees)
~every month after that just $15 a month for your 4 websites!

How much money will I make?
25% commissions + bonuses! If you follow my to do lists and work hard you can be earning 500-1000$ weekly!! Those who work this business hard for a year are generally making 6 figures!!! 

YOU make your own hours! Your schedule! Your business! You can work it as much or as little a you would like! The normal  is 1-4 hours day!! 

How do you sign up? http://www.teambeachbody.com/en/coach?referring]]RepId=114016 and click coach!

More info? email me emsimpler@gmail.com
facebook >http://www.facebook.com/beth.simpler

With summer coming everyone is sooo obsessed with getting a flat and toned tummy! These are my top tricks and tips for getting a flatter stomach!

Workout tips:
1) Cardio-(3-5 days a week)- you want to see your abs? You have to burn off the extra layer of fat on top of them!
2) Strength train-(3-4 days a week)- You need to add muscle into your body! If you want to burn more fat and calories you need to add muscle into your body.
3) Work your entire core- 250,000 crunches to burn 1lb of fat!! what does that mean? it means you need to do more than just crunches! So that means your back your abs, your deep muscles, your hip flexers! They are all essential for a tight tummy!
4) Do weighted ab workouts- any chance you can add weights to strengthen your abs!
5) Don't work them every day- fatigue them and then let them rest a day! Work them 2-3 times a week

Nutrition tips:
1) drink water- strive for a gallon a day
2) FIBER- 3-4 g is considered a good source of fiber (oatmeal, potatoes, brown rice,etc)
3) eat protein with every meal- 0.5g-1g per every lb of body weight! Keeps you fuller and does not cause bloat!
4) no more processed junk-the end.
5) Eat as soon as you make up and every 2-3 hours- keeps your metabolism going and you body not in starvation mode.
6) Eat your fat!-unsaturated  fatty acids are essential- avocados, white fish, nuts
7) SHAKEOLOGY-healthiest meal of the day and is essentially a super food!
There is a lot of hype in the health and fitness arena lately with “gluten-free”, which is fine but most people are unaware of what it really is and why or why not they should be going gluten free! So my hope is that this will give you the knowledge you need to make smart choices and of course READ THE LABELS!

Gluten- a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye (most commonly) and is used to thicken and flavor. Commonly in breads, ice cream, and ketchup to name a few.

·        A “gluten-free” diet emphasizes other types of starches such as potatoes, corn, brown rice, quinoa, etc and eating fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

Many people go to gluten-free as a way to avoid celiac allergies or irritations of the intestines. Limiting sweets like cakes, pizza, ice cream, and regular bread is a big part of gluten-free which is great and the reason many people lose weight.

The downfall?

FDA doesn’t have many regulations on the term “gluten free” because of this many foods are labeled gluten-free when they either had little to none to begin with or they are labeled this to give the feeling of “healthy foods” which is incorrect.

In the end…

·        Going gluten-free is great for people with celiac conditions but somewhat unnecessary because you should already be steering clear of those junky foods and wheat is a great source of fiber!

·        People looking to lose weight and cut out refined grains (cakes, pizza, etc) can opt for gluten free.

·        READ YOUR LABELS! Just because it is advertised one way doesn’t make it correct, read the nutrition facts and the ingredients!

·        What works for you or me may not work for everyone so listen to your body!

In case you were curious why I wanted to do this blog post, it's because I too will be traveling and moving in fact for the next month! I of course refuse to stop me from getting more fit and healthy!! So I'll share what my plan is an what step YOU can take away and use when you go away!

My plan: I will be unable to bring my weights (sad face) and do not want to lug much equipment around with me SO I will be doing a combination of turbofire and Insanity/the Asylum (minimal equipment and YOUR body are the tools!). Also I will be taking my mini blender and of course my shakeology, with some go to foods (PB2, protein bars, apples, nuts) to stay on track! Let's face it you are going to go out to eat or not be on an "ideal" schedule so you just need to make the best of it!

Plan of attack:

1) pack go to foods! I cannot emphasize this enough!! You are going to be faced with tons and tons of unhealthy choices and one way to prevent giving in to oh so tempting unhealthy choices!

2) Take easy to pack gear! For me this will be resistance tubing, a jump rope, sneakers, lower body band, agility ladder, and maybe my pull up bar (you don't have to do this one...I will be driving so a little more space). All you need to get in a good workout is your body and some intensity!!

3) Make healthy choices when you are out! Its inevitable, you are going to be subject to either other people's cooking or going out to eat! Choose the healthiest thing you can find on the menu and order veggies or plain salad (dressing on the side) Key words to avoid: fried, battered, breaded, etc!

4) Stay active! Even if you are on a business trip or whatever is you can still try and remain as active as you can! Go for a walk, take the stairs etc!

5) Drink water!! Always have a bottle with you! This is a fat flush so trust me you want it!! Even add flavor to it if all else fails!

Plan a head and good luck :-)