Your comfort zone...the little bubble you like to live inside of because it's comfortable and a "safe zone." The problem with this is that you are NOT living life or taking chances and working to your full potential! 

Take chances and be bold!! Easier said than done huh? Here's how!

1) Do what scares you. I am a firm believer in this idea, you aren't truly living or working to your full potential if you aren't! If being in front of crowds scares you then go take a toast masters class!  

2) Work on yourself. Personal growth and development will make you a much stronger and more confident person.  The best i've found for this are Chalene Johnson, Brian Tracy,Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, and many more. Get audios, videos, take classes, and make you better!

3) Be confident!! Believe in yourself, your goals, and in general, YOU!!  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! 

4) Surround yourself with confident positive individuals. You are a summation of the people you hang out with, so why not hang with people who believe as you do and want to better themselves. Get rid of the nay sayers!

5) Eliminate negative self talk! only talk to yourself in a positive voice, every time you feel the negativity coming write down the negative thoughts, cross them off and write a positive affirmation for why you can do it!!! 

Have a wonderful day :-)


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