In case you were curious why I wanted to do this blog post, it's because I too will be traveling and moving in fact for the next month! I of course refuse to stop me from getting more fit and healthy!! So I'll share what my plan is an what step YOU can take away and use when you go away!

My plan: I will be unable to bring my weights (sad face) and do not want to lug much equipment around with me SO I will be doing a combination of turbofire and Insanity/the Asylum (minimal equipment and YOUR body are the tools!). Also I will be taking my mini blender and of course my shakeology, with some go to foods (PB2, protein bars, apples, nuts) to stay on track! Let's face it you are going to go out to eat or not be on an "ideal" schedule so you just need to make the best of it!

Plan of attack:

1) pack go to foods! I cannot emphasize this enough!! You are going to be faced with tons and tons of unhealthy choices and one way to prevent giving in to oh so tempting unhealthy choices!

2) Take easy to pack gear! For me this will be resistance tubing, a jump rope, sneakers, lower body band, agility ladder, and maybe my pull up bar (you don't have to do this one...I will be driving so a little more space). All you need to get in a good workout is your body and some intensity!!

3) Make healthy choices when you are out! Its inevitable, you are going to be subject to either other people's cooking or going out to eat! Choose the healthiest thing you can find on the menu and order veggies or plain salad (dressing on the side) Key words to avoid: fried, battered, breaded, etc!

4) Stay active! Even if you are on a business trip or whatever is you can still try and remain as active as you can! Go for a walk, take the stairs etc!

5) Drink water!! Always have a bottle with you! This is a fat flush so trust me you want it!! Even add flavor to it if all else fails!

Plan a head and good luck :-)

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