We are visual creatures; we grab and eat anything that looks as though it is bursting with flavor! (Another big reason the fast food chains and restaurants show pictures!) The same goes for your own home with the pantry and fridge.

Chances are you either live with someone or have children that you allow to have treats in the house and they don’t necessarily match up with your goals. So what do you do? Obviously your family or roommates will be pretty upset with you for just tossing their junk food so your best bet is to change the lay out!


Instead of…

Having the junk food staring you in the face every time you open the door, place healthy foods at eye level. Example: those pretzels, chips, and cookies on the top shelf or very bottom shelf where your eyes are less likely to go to. In their place, place protein bars, oats, rice, foods that are healthy but may require some work! (many times cravings are something you just want right here right now and do not want to cook).

In the freezer hide the ice cream/unhealthy frozen treats behind frozen veggies and meats

In the fridge place unhealthy treats on bottom shelf and fruits/grab and go healthy snacks on top!


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