We all have to eat to live of course and most people are definitely not able to grow and produce their own foods so we rely heavily on the grocery store. Unfortunately, these stores are mostly concerned with roping you in to make a profit rather than helping you stay and buy healthy products! So these are my top "fat free" shopping tips!!

1) Make a list before you go and stick to it! I've said it before and I will say it again...PLAN PLAN PLAN AHEAD!! This will really help you stay on track! If it isn't in your meal plan for the week do not put it into your cart! Simple!

2) Steer clear of those inner aisles!
"If it can go bad its good for you, if it won't its not." And what do we find in these aisles? JUNK AND PRESERVATIVES! So skip it! Stick to the outer ring produce, dairy, etc.

3) Eat before you go! Chances are the more hungry you are the better all those pastries and sweets will look even better so eat a little snack or piece of fruit before you go!

4) Read your labels...can you pronounce it? If not drop it!
Time to think like a chemist...If it wasn't found in nature/you cannot pronounce it its not something your body needs. Single ingredients are key! Ex: strawberries, apples, chicken

5) Sugar content...keep it in the single digits!Sugar is the serious cause for weight gain in our country so for added sugars...keep it in the single digits!!

6) If it's not in season buy frozen! Frozen foods are picked in the height of the season so these are another great option and can be cheaper in produce too!

7) Skip the end caps- these are the junky foods/sale foods and they are on sale for a reason!!!! BECAUSE THEY ARE NASTY! Avoid!

8) Kids...leave em home or make a game out of it!
It's no surprise these stores/companies are marketing to our kids...sad but true. They put it at eye level!!  So don't bring them OR make a game out of finding the healthy foods!! Teaching them how to enjoy these things will teach good habits too :-)

9)Skip the samples! These stores are trying again to get you to buy stuff but also this is increasing your waistline! Just avoid these too!

10) At the checkout counter...they load these areas with sweets and sugars again..nope NOT FOR YOU!! 

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I didn't know what the next (typo-ridden) FOUR AND A HALF hours had in store for me (and Stephanie).


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