Yay for my first post of 2013!! So how did your holidays go?

On my end of things? One of the best Christmases ever...This was Mike and I's first Christmas that we actually spent together! eeee it was wonderful waking up together and spending the day with my family! I am not a materialistic person so it wasn't the gifts but more so just the family side and just being together! Nothing means more to me than family and guess what? Thank you Pennsylvania for your glorious snow storms!! Once we moved to Maryland I never thought I would actually miss snow, but the days just seem so incomplete with the cold weather and lack of snow!

Also coming soon will be a review of my fit bit and new Nike cross trainers (YAY!!), Mike was sweet enough to get me one this year and so far it has been very fun..side note I need to take more steps! What is a fit bit? http://www.fitbit.com/one?jadid=31113817777&jk=fitbit&jkId=gc:a8a8ae4cd39b39c2b0139d5690a8570f0:t1_e_:k_fitbit:pl_&jp=&js=1&jsid=27905&jt=1&gclid=CPbAhPSEyrQCFUWo4AodwTUARg

Now the big question, did I stay on track?

To be honest, not well, and pretty much no. So ever since my birthday in October I have been on and off with my clean eating...doing really well most days and then others not so much. Between cravings, stress, and all the glorious things that cause those I was off. So with a plan in mind, I did pack healthy snacks and planned to stay 100% to it...well life had other plans.

In my opinion it is pretty rude to just turn down someone's thoughtful dinners and treats. So what I should have done was had a bit and kept to my merry way..but I didn't. Not proud of it but it is what it is and part of me feels like I needed a bit of a break. I got to take 2 weeks off work and worked some from home but I was just drained. It was wonderful to relax and not worry but I definitely paid for it!

In the end I caught a terrible cold and sprained my ankle...so I have decided to reign myself back in and get back on track I am going to start the Ultimate rest (http://myultimatereset.com/esuite/home/bethsimpler). It's essentially a detox and rest button for your body. I think I really need it...especially now with not being able to exercise either.

Between that and and resetting priorities and goals for the year I am more than ready to rock it!! So today is day 1 of project new Beth (mind, body, and goals :-))

I'll keep you posted on how it goes! I'll tell you one thing the before pictures and the measurements were not fun!!

Have you set your 2013 goals yet? I'll share mine soon!!! 

Happy New Year Happy New YOU!!

Here are some of the fun pictures that came out of this wonderful time off with family and Mike!