Let's face it Halloween is one of those holidays that people just love to eat...and right fully so! No one said you shouldn't have a good time and enjoy but do it in a smart way so you don't side track your goals!

Healthy is a lifestyle not a fad so keep that in mind before you make yourself feel awful!

First thing's first set up some rules for yourself and your family! This will keep everyone from over eating and arguing later!

~Whether it is a party or trick or treating make sure you eat a meal that is satisfying and clean before going! I recommend something with healthy fats, protein, and clean complex carbs! (If you are trying to limit sweets a good way to "trick your mind" is too eat something with natural sugars--think a Pb and 1/2 banana/berries/ fruit sandwich and some almonds or some shakeology)

~ Get active that day also!! Those feel good hormones will help keep your mind clear and reminded of your goals!

~For parties:
      *Be the one to bring the healthy snack to ensure you will have something if you do get hungry
      *Load your plate with veggies, fruits, protein, then carbs (most party carbs are simple and loaded with junk)
      *Socialize away from the food--- we all know we are more prone to snack when bored!

~For trick or treat:
        * Drink plenty of water and alternate between it and gum
        * Take healthy snacks with you to eat on the go
        * Buy candy last minute so it isn't sitting in your house tempting you and do NOT buy your favorites!
        * Sort and ration candy-- donate or throw away non favorites
        * Out of site out of mind!-- freeze it or put it away in the pantry so you are not constantly staring at it!
       * Indulge a little!--set limits for yourself so you do not end up over killing the candy

~Also consider making your favorite treats healthier (post coming on Reese's Peanut Butter Clean Cups etc!

What are your favorite Halloween treats?

Are you keeping this year clean?


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