Many people associate their level of self worth and fitness based on the number staring at them on the scale; this however is NOT the more accurate method of measuring either of these things! They seem to discount the other notions of measuring such things as over all well feelings, how their clothes are fitting, and how much energy they have! Of course weight is ONE factor in determining health but not necessarily the best!

Think about this…You could be a twig thin person with a body fat percentage of 30% at about 115 lbs or you could be a muscular person at 140 with a body fat of 12%.

Instead measure your success based on your energy, your performance, and how your clothes fit!

Other factors to consider:

·         Body fat percentage

·         Are you holding onto water?

·         How are your clothes fitting?

·         How much energy do you have?

·         How muscular are you?

·         Are you sore? Muscle soreness and inflammation can add lbs on too!



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