Whoopsies!! A little late I know but here was what I ate on Wednesday!!
It was a snowy-ish day here in Md so I was working at home and my goodness did I enjoy it!! I love my job but nothing beats eating real foods and not rushing all day!!

Meal 1: Protein oat pancakes with chocolate chips and sugar free syrup....I woke up craving these!!

Then I worked shoulders and then came post work out shake!
so meal 2 was shakeology with 1/2 scoop vanilla protein, 1/4 c vanilla greek yogurt, 1 TB pb, oats, ice, unsweetened almond milk and blend!

Meal 3:
Soup with veggies!

Meal 4:
1/2 c Greek yogurt with 1/4 berry granola and one banana

Meal 5: Pasta fagoli! YUM! I am not by anymeans Italian but I sure love to eat like one ;-) Recipe coming! 

Meal 6: not pictured but was some dark chocolate....what can I say I have a sweet tooth this month!

A New Recipe For You!

Pasta Fagoli
Essentially this is Italian chili and the way I was taught to make it is NOT healthy so I decided to clean it up and guess what...SAME TASTE!

1) In a large pot cook 1/2 lb of lean ground turkey, 32 oz of chicken broth (low sodium/fat free), 12 oz of tomato paste (low sodium/no sugar added), 2 red potatoes.
2) add in turkey sausage
3) bring to a boil then add a can of no salt added red kidney beans and a box of whole wheat pasta (I used elbow noodles you can use whatever kind you like...most people use ditalini).
4) cook until pasta is tender and serve!

In all honesty you can probably add more veggies to it but I live with a picky eater so I haven't tweaked the recipe much more...YET!


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