Why hello there and happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start...I know mine is! I am SOREEEEEEEEEE today and I take that as a good things...it's my muscles sayin' hey...we're changing! 

Well, yesterday was the first day I began competition prep and I have to say I am really very excited to continue on this journey. I know it isn't for everyone and a lot of people think I am crazy but honestly super excited! 

So why do I want to compete...I have heard this one a ton of times in the past few weeks since I decided I was going to actually go through with it. Well for me there are few reasons and yes of course I know it is going to be tough but I'd rather take the road less traveled and make some dreams become reality! 

What division will I do?
Well you see people get the wrong impression of what competing really is. No I will not be looking like a sheman. No I will not be starving myself. My division will be figure like the lovely Nicole Wilkins (shown below) 

Now for some women muscle is not appealing some people just don't see that as appealing and I get it. But I want to push myself further than I have ever gone before. I want to 100% commit and win! Yep I am going to place..no questions asked! 

So again, why compete? 
1) Ever since I was a little girl I had body issues...and not the type where you obsess over foods etc (no I did not have an eating disorder)...but I was a chubby kid and as I grew up I finally thinned out and I felt great in my suit. I was always active in different sports so the baby fat came off. But that was not to say I was still where I wanted to be. I always dreamed of looking like the models on the covers of the magazines and sure maybe that is unrealistic of letting the media have say over what we think and want but so be it. I was a kid. At any rate I went to college tried to stay active..I have always loved the idea of going to the gym...too bad I didn't at the time know what to do so I wasn't any closer, but I kept doing what I thought I had to do to get there. And then it happened...not the freshman 15 more like the love happy weight where you are just so happy all you 2 do is eat and stay together. The problem with this is at this point I was not being very active or exercising, I was not strong so what happened? I gained about 30 lbs! I tried to go lift with Mike but I just wasn't strong enough nor did I enjoy it. I felt stuck.  We tried a lot of different programs...something that had helped me in the past (and honestly what taught me initially how to lift, was P90x) I loved Tony but I had done it so many times I just couldn't stay motivated. Then I found something else that helped me drop the weight a combo of ChaLean extreme and TurboFire. From there..I was lean and I was thin but I was still really lacking the muscle definition. Fast forward to now...I am a full time trainer and I love to lift and I finally have the tone I have always wanted. Took me long enough to figure that all out!! But I want to push myself further!! I could do the bikini division right now and I'd do just fine...all I'd need to do is lean down some more. But I REALLY want to push and build up some more muscle definition. 

2) This is another big one...in this industry I feel that it is crucial to prove your work (yep going back to math class there) and one way to do that is to do it to yourself! Not only will this expand my client base  but it will make me more marketable because obviously someone who can do that to themselves can do that to others.

3) I want to compete in a sport and be an athlete again! This is my time this is my new sport!

4) This may be one of the biggest ones...so my grandfather was always a bigger guy. Type II diabetes, heart problems, etc. And he wasn't that old. But he passed away my freshman year of college (well summer before my sophomore year) and he could have gotten better had he been healthy. There are so many days when I just wish I could talk to him. So I am doing this for him. I am going to make myself into what he couldn't. And I am going to make him proud by not learning from his mistakes and changing my future. As good as those sweets are...nothing is worth that.

oh and one other for fun...

So that about sums it up...I cannot wait to share my progress with you as I continue! Be sure to stay tuned to my 

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