Happy Monday!!!

Man the past couple of weeks have been so crazy so I am SO SORRY I have been delayed with writing on here! Well it is official I am a full time fitness professional!

So what's next? Well I have some pretty big goals for the rest of the year...so what can you expect from me?

~More posts
~Revamping of this site!! I will finally have the time to make this page more engaging and BETTER!
~Newsletters (2x a week) a nutrition tip and a weekly work out!
~more virtual training
~more videos with tips and moves of the day!

Anywho...just figured I'd let you know what was coming next!

So on the fitness/work out side of things I need to confess...I have been in a weird weird funk of eating lately. I was doing soo great then when I got further into the bulking phase of my plan I just sort of starting saying...meh I can eat what I want! And then I realized I needed to stop...plus it is time to lean down just in time for summer!

So this week I am traveling to a class and have packed all of my foods...NO EXCUSES. It will be a great way to "detox" so to speak in that I will be taking away unhealthy fats, gluten, added sugars, dairy, and just junk in general! I did a massive meal prep yesterday and I refuse to let anything but me control my results!

Also, I will be mixing up my work outs some to burn off some of the water/minor fat and bloat associated with bulking but decreasing my carbs to a lower (NOTICE I DID NOT SAY LOW/ NO CARBS) to do so.

No complex carbs past 3 pm and upping the cardio are 2 of the biggest tweaks! Also being that I am traveling I have brought my Les Mills DVDs to try out! While I will have total gym access I think I will take my evenings to study and work and work out early in the AM with some extra cardio for the week!!

I can't wait to share the other new things I am learning and starting...so stay tuned!!

Tips for meal prep:
~Plan ahead...make a list/menu to make it easier
~prep veggies first...make things easier!
~lay out all containers and portion out foods as they are done! (I would HIGHLY recommend investing in some nice containers!)
~bulk grill or bake some lean proteins!
~opt for clean unprocessed carbs!
~grab and go and enjoy :-)

Stay tuned :-)

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