Happy Monday!! I hope your weekend was just wonderful :-) I am just a big ball of amazement to be honest...Mine was just what I needed and so wonderful! The only kicker is with this bulking plan (2 weeks left!!) I have gotten a lot more lenient on weekends and "treats" on what is okay because in my mind when I lean out I won't be able to have those etc etc. The whole purpose of bulking is just to put on as much muscle and as little fat as possible and I am sure I have put on a small touch of fat but that is okay I expect it but I need to reign in my eating some!

Any ways more on that in a little bit! We went to see my main man Gerard Butler in Olympus Has Fallen....OMG! I was in love with that li'l Scottish man before but NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! It was a really great movie and I highly recommend it!

oh and also check out these guys!!
We got to add some fish to our saltwater aquarium finally and planned out what we will get next!! I am so psyched for it! I really do think doing things together brings couples much closer so I'm thankful we get to do this.

Just in case you are wondering: we have a 60 gal saltwater tank and to start cycling it through we have 2 fire gobies, 2 clown fish (1 saddleback and 1 maroon), and 3 blue damsels. In 2 weeks we are adding more :-)

But enough about the weekend here is my update for Body Beast and what my plan is to reign in my eating!

Alrighty, so I am in week 8 with 1 week left to go until the leaning out starts so I really need to make sure I take my supplements, eat enough CLEAN foods, and get plenty of sleep. The sleep thing is really my biggest snag because I get 6-7 hours but I really feel my best when I get 7-8 but there are just not enough hours in the day for that! So I will be tackling something I have some more control over...my eating.

I already know I am crushing my work outs, I do those 6 days a week without missing (unless I am sick, I have one back work out to throw onto the end of the bulk phase that I missed but otherwise no missed work outs).

The plan:
I will be running a group to help me stay on track, a free group that I will work with to keep all of us where we need to go. Clean eating, recipes, meal help, work outs, accountability, and fun stuff (Also I just bought some prizes!!).

If you are interested in joining me just send me an email and we will get started with operation swim suit!

Happy Monday!


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