Happy Friday!! With the hot summer weather just starting we will be outside more...this is no surprise BUT did you know our risk of heat stroke increases A LOT with all of that heat? We must ensure we are staying hydrated...I know I know we hear about water all the time but it really is THAT important and here's why!

Why drink water?
  • transports nutrients and oxygen into cells
  • moisturizes the air in our lungs
  • helps with our metabolism
  • protects our organs
  • helps organs better absorb nutrients
  • muscle contains 75% water!!!!!!!!
  • protects and moisturizes our joints
  • bone is 22% water
  • it helps detoxify our bodies...yes we are all living in a toxic world (did you drive a car today?)
  • blood is 83% water
  • it helps regulate our body temperature
  • brain tissue is 90% water
  • it helps flush out fat we have burned!

Phew that is a long list!!! 

How much should I drink?

0.5 ounces x Body Weight in Pounds = Daily Fluid Requirement in ounces

Drink up ;-) 

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