Why are my crunches not giving me a six pack?

There are so many articles, exercises, and gimmicks out there to convince

fitness enthusiasts that all they need to do is jump on the ground and do

hundreds of crunches and they will have the stomach of their dreams. Sure

these exercises are effective IF and ONLY IF you have low body fat! The key to

seeing abs is not doing millions of crunches this will only disappoint and

deplete your confidence! Instead you must burn off the fatty layer covering

your abdominals first. To do this you need to have a routine with intense cardio

sessions and by lifting heavy weights!

MY Recommendation:
* Intense cardio 3-4 days AT LEAST
* Lifting HEAVY weights 3-4 days
* Flexibility training at least 1 day
* Still work your abs but mix it up and work every muscle in your
abdominals 3 days a week!
~For more help with this email me!

Also, you have to eat a clean diet! Abs are made in the kitchen! 80% diet and 20% exercise!! What does this mean for you? It means eliminating the processed foods, sugars, high sodium, hydrogenated, and high fructose corn syrup toxified foods!! By eating lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat you can improve your

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