While this time of year is the easiest time of year to throw in the towel, now is the most important time for you to keep yourself on track and getting at least 20 minutes a day!

As I have said before this time of year is very well known for weight gain and the eating holidays, but not for you!! Even if you don’t lose weight if you can get through these days without gaining that is still a huge accomplishment!

Even if you are busy here are some ideas for non-traditional calorie killers!

If you are shopping…

·         Carry the basket and do not push the cart

·         Park far from the entrance

·         Eat before you go

·         In line…(yes people may look at you funny but worth the booty of your dreams!)  squat and lunge while waiting

Getting ready/cooking…

·         Lunge while going from various places around your house

·         Squeeze in a HIIT (High intensity interval training workout) while the food cooks

·         Squat while you brush your teeth/shower

·         Plank every time you do _____ activity.

·         Make a game out of it!


·         Stand and wrap gifts

·         Lunge while you vacuum/clean

·         Drink your shakeology in place of one meal to curb cravings

·         Water, water, water!

·         Get in your veggies


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