Everyone knows we are getting more and more busy and nutrition seems to always be on the back burner! As a college student and very busy fitness consultant I am on the go A LOT so it is super super important for me to plan ahead or I will be inclined to go for the crap foods! These are my tips and what works for me so I really hope this helps!!

1) Like I said above plan ahead! I always make a meal plan EACH week because uncertainty and time crunch=bad eating (past experience!!)

2) Select one day a week to prepare all of your meals!!
3) Have throw and go/emergency food in your book bag/in your purse/ at your desk/ in your car! Protein bars, almonds, whole wheat crackers, and even an apple (if its not too long) are great options to keep you from grabbing take out/fast food!
4) For busy days here are some quick meal ideas!
~No sugar added plain instant oatmeal, add your own fruit and eat on the go!
~Fat free plain Greek yogurt (again add your own fruit and go!
~Almonds and an apple
~Boca burgers/patties with sandwich thins ~salad and add your own meat **this is my go to on REALLY busy days! quick convenient and delish!
~Microwavable sweet potatoes with some cinnamon (or you can just pre-cook them and go
~Of course shakeology
~ Any fruit
~Steam Fresh veggies just throw in some chicken or protein of your choice and voila!
My meal prep foods!


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