More often than not when we go to the kitchen we are not going to pull out the measuring cups or the food scale to have a snack of prepare dinner. We all are guilty myself included I am much more likely to "guesstimate" how many calories and food is on our plate..."jaws music"....and then it happens the scale goes up or are clothes are tighter and we are left asking why when we are eating clean and exercising?

Enter problem...too much of a good thing is still a bad thing! You could eat fruits or protein or even veggies all day long and if you go over your caloric deficit you will inevitably add more weight on! Sure you can use the tricks of a deck of cards worth of protein, or your thumbs worth of fat, but when you are working so hard to achieve a goal why leave anything to chance?

This has actually helped me out a lot!! I think I was either over  estimating how much protein I was taking in and under estimating the calories in my "treats" or in moderation foods! No wonder the scale wasn't moving in the right direction!! So I got an awesome food scale for my birthday (yes I know I eat sleep and breathe health lol) and it has been wonderful ever since and soooo easy to use! Since then it has been a lot easier to get the right amounts of foods into my d

Moral of the story just take the extra few minutes to measure it!


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