So what am I doing any ways? Well my life is mostly back to normal now…this week will be the first “normal week” since my accident and I am pretty pumped honestly. It was nice being driven around but I am ready to drive my car and have my usual schedule back.  I am feeling 100% better…no more headaches, no more pain, no more anything. I still get nervous when it gets cold with the roads but all in all and I am super happy and feeling super blessed!

The other thing that has really gone back to normal is my work outs, they have actually gotten even better!! Mike and I are working out together and we are actually loving it! We have tried it before but it just wasn’t for us but with Body Beast it has been amazing and this whole accident plus the work outs have brought us so much closer! Not to mention after not being able to do much for work outs for a month I am just sooooo pumped! I love the soreness, love that I can feel my body getting stronger again, and of course love the challenge that this work out is presenting!!

So that’s my work out now as far as food goes HOLY COW! I get to eat SOOO MUCH FOOD! It’s pretty heavenly honestly. I am currently trying to build and add muscle to my body so I am only doing cardio once a week (but trust me the way the work outs are set up your heart rate still gets up there!) and eating 50% of my diet as carbs, 25% protein, and 25% fats (at least I am trying!!) It is fun but also challenging to eat that much food. When I was on “light duty” I was eating about ½ of what I am now and was just trying to maintain and stick with clean eating. With this program I need to eat a TON of food and often too. My current calorie count is anywhere from 2000-2500 depending on the muscle group/work out plan. I promise I will give you some more details on what the workouts, foods, and s

As far as supplements go I will share a little later what I am doing with those!!

So what are your current work out plans like?


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