With the weather and times changing for most of us I know this time of year is an easy one to start slacking on workouts and eating healthy BUT trust me you do NOT want to do that!! This is the time of year most people pack on an average of 10 pounds with all the eating, not working out and just being plain old tired! Not only those things to keep in mind BUT cold and flu season are bearing down…these all increase your chances of illness as well!!

Avoid it:

~Workout most days of the week (shoot for a minimum of 3-4)

~Drink your shakeology! With all the nutrients and vitamins in it you are adding a nice little immunity booster into your life!

~Schedule the workouts so you do not have a chance of skipping them

~Find healthier alternatives to some of your favorite recipes

~Buddy up! Keep each other on track and make it fun!!


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