Is  it me or is the weather/season change making anyone else sooo tired? I get between 6-8 and I am still zonked!

On another note…

So I really need to get better at taking more pictures, I have tried out like 10 new recipes and have yet to post them which is dumb because they were amazing—boyfriend approved too!

So look forward to:

  • Turkey zucchini boats
  • Clean chicken and broccoli alfredo
  • Clean Mac and Cheese
  • Clean Chicken and Dumplings
  • Chicken Minestrone
  • Spicy Sweet potato fries
  • Clean pizza-cauliflower crust

I really love cooking like a lot…too bad I get home at like 6:30 so it does tend to take a while but hey it is so worth it for me!

  • Spices are also so huge for me right now…I am loving:
  • Red curry
  • Tony Chechins (spelling?)
  • Cayenne
  • And Cumin!


Any fun recipes you want me to try for the week? I am making my list and meal plans now!!

Also does your significant other support your healthy habits and foods?


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