So as you may or may not know I have decided to give P90x another go! I have completed the program before but at the time my nutrition was not where it should have been, I never made the changes so I had results and they were great but it wasn't what I was hoping for.

Let me say this loud and clear, IT WAS MY FAULT THE PROGRAM DID NOT WORK TO ITS FULL CAPACITY! So with that said I love(d) it! Tony and the crew of people in the DVDs are great and they always leave me feeling like I gave it my all!

So I've decided to do the program again in prep for X2!! This is week three for me and I have already lost 2% body fat!! But those results really speak for themselves!

The Message: Muscle burns fat! I have been really focusing on adding muscle to my 5'8 lean frame, heavy weight and low reps most days, so am so thrilled to share with you so I will try to keep you posted! I really love this program because it really has it all, muscle confusion, lifting, plyo, karate, and yoga! So each day you do something new and its a very very fun program! And it has something for everyone which is nice, something for beginners, advanced, whatever your level you CAN do this program! I love that!

Also, I'll be posting a youtube journal of this too! So check that out too! If you want more details on how this can happen to you email me at

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