Lately I have gotten a lot of questions on what I consider a cheat meal (I did a post a few weeks ago on cheats and why they can be good/bad too!) so I am here to show you what that is and how often I allow these!

For me a cheat meal is anything that I do not normally eat in my clean eating lifestyle! You can see some of those "normal foods" on my what I ate Wednesday posts as well! I will start taking some pics and displaying more cheat foods so you can see...I am of course human too!

So cheats/treats that I usually eat are pizza, french fries, Yogi Castle (froyo!), anything with white flour (pasta, bread, cakes etc) or excessive sugar (too much fruit, cakes, cookies, candies, etc). Some people get other cravings some don't but these are what I usually want!

How often? I keep it to a max of 2 things a week!
for example: Last weekend I had a bowl of ice cream and some pizza (2 different days) but those were my cheats and treats for the week!

The key is just getting back up and moving forward--I never feel guilt for these meals because I know a) it's a lifestyle and b) I know how to "damage control" it the next meal or day with healthy foods! I will say though since I cut sugar down to 35g a day (even natural) I get these cravings a lot less and usually during bouts of boredom!

What do you usually crave?


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