1 can of no salt added chick peas
1 can of no salt added diced tomatoes
1 large zucchini
2 chicken breasts
spices of your desire--I added onion powder and a little salt and pepper
Brown rice

To cook:
1) spray/oil pan and cook cubed chicken until mostly cooked
2) add in zucchini slices--cook until chicken is browned to your liking and zucchini is tender.
3) add in tomatoes and chick peas-- allow to simmer and mix together for about 10 minutes
4) serve over brown rice if desired!

LOVED the flavor with this recipe, such a fun new way to do chicken!

Also new this weekend, we painted our kitchen! Hooray! We got so tired of looking at it half primed and prepped so we finally just broke down and painted! Let me tell you taping for those things is SOOO AWFUL! Thank God Mike did it so I could do my Chest/ab/ cardio for Livefit (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-eason-livefit-trainer-phase-2-day-45.html) !

Of course afterwards I needed a giant nap to prepare for sushi and a haunted house!

I love Halloween...it really is my absolute favorite holiday so it was fun going with some friends to see the "#1 rated haunted house in MD". It was definitely creepy!

Also top movie picks that I have watched:
1) Ugly Truth--all things Katherine Heigl are amazing!
2) Avengers--hello a bunch of attractive men flying around 24/7--it was really a great movie!! Action, a little love, great graphics, and the playful banter of the cast!
3) Wraith of the Titans-If you saw the first one you will love this one or if you just love Greek mythology definitely a good watch!

As you can see I am so much more of a homebody buttttttttttttttt I do love movies!

Watch any good ones lately? 


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