So I have had this come up a lot lately so I figured I would explain and go over this!

Meal prepping- different for everyone I suppose but for me this means setting one day (usually a weekend day or a day off) and cooking in bulk most of what I will need for meals during the week.
    *Includes: meats (chicken, extra lean ground turkey, lean beef on occasions etc.), cutting up veggies for ease, baking protein bars, cooking any pastas/rices etc.

We are all SO busy...eating should not be stressful nor should it be unhealthy. Living a busy life should not prevent you from having a lean and clean body! So writing out a grocery list, meal plan, and prep list for the weeks helps keep  me on track and from grabbing junk foods! It's just easier that way other wise I am likely to reach for one of my boyfriends cookies/pretzels/ other junk I should not eat (he has the metabolism of a 12 year old boy).

This keeps me on track, meeting my goals, and it sure as heck saves money at the store knowing what to grab!!

So what do you do?
I decide what I need for the week and then measure and portion it out so that I can just grab and go with my meals!

Next step...
decide what you want to eat and what you can prep ahead of time, prepare, package, enjoy :-)

What do you cook in bulk?

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