Inflammation: the body's process of protecting and ridding itself from harmful substances such as pathogens, infections, irritants, or damaged cells.

Is inflammation a good thing?

Yes! We need acute inflammation to get rid of toxins and other harmful substances! Inflammation becomes an issue when it becomes chronic, usually indicating issues within the body.

Symptoms of inflammation:
  • unexplained joint/ muscle pain
  • fluid retention
  • frequent bronchitis, sinus infections
  • skin irritations
  • loss of energy
  • issues with triglyceride levels

How do I get rid of acute inflammation?
  • fish oils (unless you are on blood thinners)
  • stretch out and foam roll before and after work outs
  • heat up (muscles), once they are loose they become more pliable and easier for blood to flow and bring in nutrients to damaged cells
  • participating in low intensity work outs to get blood flowing
  • tylenol or acetominophin 

How do I reduce chronic inflammation?
  • ​Eat a balanced diet
    • lean proteins (chicken, turkey, beef)
    • whole grains, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice
    • dark green veggies
    • healthy fats            
  • Exercise

What foods cause inflammation?
  • starchy/ sugary foods
  • caffiene
  • trans fats
  • alcohol

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