Obviously there are a lot of parties, picnics, BBQ's, trips and God only knows what else this weekend. Most people feel memorial day is the "kick off" to summer. So of course there are going to be many temptations in front of you so I wanted to give you some tips and tricks that have helped me when I am out!

1) Plan ahead...this is crucial for me right now...basically my cooler is my purse. For the average person though this is not going to be ideal so eat a little something healthy before...I like to have some fruit with PB or nuts or some shakeology to curb my appetite. The key is not to show up famished, when you feel hungry anything will sound appetizing even if you are trying to be healthy! 

2) Load up on water before and after. Let's face it there is going to be alcohol...and I think if you can avoid it great but for most people opting in for a drink is more likely. WATER WATER WATER Before and after!

3) Fill your plate up with mostly veggies then proteins then starches and fruits! 

4) try "bites" of desserts rather than a whole heaping portion

5) Bring the healthy foods! And I don't mean just lettuce or dips...get creative!! I know Pinterest has a TON of themed foods you can make healthier!

6) Enjoy yourself...don't stress yourself out the entire weekend worrying about all of this!

7) Remember why we are celebrating! 

There are so many more tips I could give you but honestly...make the right choices for YOUR Goals and if you want more 1:1 guidance let me know!

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