Eating clean and working are sometimes not things that go hand in hand but it is possible!! Preparedness and a little planning can take you to where you want to go with your goals!

First let’s meet the enemies: vending machines, food trucks, dining out too many days, Soda/fake juice machines and copious amounts of junk you put in your coffee!

Your allies:

~ Pre-packed foods you can keep at your desk : almonds/ other nut varieties, protein bars (low in sugar- try Quest!), fruits (apples, oranges, bananas), whole wheat salt free pretzels (on occasions), shakeology, jerky (low sodium).

~Packing food from home for your meals (I do this daily to stay on track!)

~If you are going out to eat order first and do a little research of what is healthy on the menu! Don’t be peer pressured into eating garbage!!

~Just say no to food trucks! There are seldom ones that are healthy and it’s a very easy way to pack on fat and calories!

~Keep your own coffee/tea clean elements at your desk! Stevia, agave, honey can all be kept right where you sit. Consider using milk instead of creamer as well because it is loaded with sugar and calories!


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