It is no surprise to anyone that eating healthy can be expensive but is necessary to maintain a healthy quality of life! If you do not want to have health issues or doctor bills than spending the time eating healthy and exercising are key!

So here are my top tips to eat well and on a budget: 1) Plan, plan, plan ahead! If you go to the grocery store armed only with your appetite and no list, not meal plan, no menu you are likely to A) grab junk and B) spend more because of unsureness of meals etc. So go to and get a club membership so you can get access to meal planning tools and support!

2) Clip coupons on the foods you buy most! This has saved me hundreds of dollars by searching the ads online, the manufacturers, and in the Sunday paper! With meals planned you will clip what you need and again not be buying aimlessly!

3) Buy in bulk! When its possible buy items in bulk, Sam's Club and Costco are great for this! You pay a bit more initially but in the long run the savings per ounce/gram are a lot more!

4) Buy frozen! If something is not in season or is not being sold then go grab the frozen (Ex: strawberries/broccoli etc!) These are frozen right after they are harvested to ensure nutrients are locked in too! This is a lot cheaper sometime then always buying fresh.

5) But what is in season! It is winter right now so there a lot of winter fruits and veggies that are sold right now and these items will often be less expensive than their out of season factory grown counterparts

! 6) Go to your local farmers market! Generally these products are grown near by (always a plus) and they are considerably cheaper than buying at the grocery store!

7) Buy whole food options and make your own! Sure its quicker to buy fast food but you are also shortening your life! So go for buying whole foods and ingredients! They last longer for more meals and it is cheaper and healthier!

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