_ Fitness Myths:    

Exercise makes you tired-

This is simply NOT true! Your workouts and exercise routines will give you more energy and better performance all day and you will sleep better!


If you workout you can eat whatever you want and still get the body you want-

 WRONG! You will be able to eat more calories of higher quality foods but you cannot expect to see abs after eating a big plate of hot wings! It’s okay to have a cheat meal or snack (deprivation is BAD!) but not all the time or you will never progress.


Muscle weighs more than fat-

In fact this is not true they weigh the same however muscle takes up less space and has a lower volume in comparison. This is why two people who weigh the same but have different body fat % will look very different!


Lifting will bulk women up-

Ladies listen, YOU CANNOT BULK UP LIKE A MAN WITHOUT HARMFUL SUPPLEMENTS! It is physically not possible! You do not have the testosterone, but muscle will burn more calories when at rest and take up less space in your body giving you a more compact and smaller body.


All you need is cardio-

Nope! Cardio is great for fat burning but you must add muscle to your body in order to achieve long term weight loss—go pick up some heavy weights!


Doing crunches all day will give you flat abs-

Doing ab exercises is great for building muscle but if you have a thick layer of fat on top you will not be able to see them! You must lose the fat before you will see your abs! This also means a good diet! 30% workout, 70% diet


Spot training-

DOES NOT WORK! To lose weight total body exercises are really essential. Just working one area will leave your body unbalance and unable to lose sustainable amounts. If your booty is your trouble spot by all means work those muscles hard but do not skip your arms or back (just as an example).


Your weight machines and heart rate monitors are always accurate-

Wrong again. These are based on an average (unless you program them in) and even then they do not take into account your body fat percentage, you height, intensity (which is measured in more ways than just heart rate). A heart rate monitor is more accurate but still has flaws according to recent studies.


Weight is the most accurate measure of health-

The number on the scale is just that A NUMBER! This is not an indicator of how fit or healthy you are (in most cases!). Health is dictated by blood pressure, body fat percentage, and your blood sugar health and other counts as well. More useful can be taking measurements, before, during and after photos, and a fit test. BECAUSE, maybe your weight isn’t changing but those other factors are!


Skipping meals and eating less will speed up metabolism and weight loss-

Absolutely NOT! Starvation mode causes your body to initially lose weight but you will never keep it off! Your body, because of the lack in calories, goes into survival mode and will protect itself by holding onto everything you put into your body causing weight gain when you try to begin eating again. To lose weight effectively, eat 5-6 small meals a day, every two to three hours will speed metabolism and exercise!


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