One of my favorite things about eating clean and the holidays is definitely baking and cooking. Anything from fun treats to seasonal classic dishes!

But sticking to clean eating is not a problem! You can still enjoy those foods but for less, it just takes some creative thinking and prep!

Some of my favorites:
•Greek yogurt-can be great in place of butter!!
Great for baking, dips, and sauces
( I use it in Mac and cheese, buffalo chicken, for cookies/brownies)
•Unsweetened apple sauce
Baking!! I use this for a sweetener/binding
•Frozen bananas
Also great for binding or in place of ice cream! Mash, freeze, stir with your favorite protein powder, unsweetened cocoa, peanut butter, etc!
Use as breaking, for flour (grind to make oat flower)
•Low sodium products- soy sauce, broths, etc
•Pb2 powder
Lower calorie dehydrated peanut butter great for mixing with shakes and baking!
I use this versus regular whey for same amount of protein + nutrients galore!!

The fun is getting creative and trying new things! What do you bake with?

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