Happy Monday everyone!!

Not sure about you but my butt is dragging this morning so I made sure I got up and stuck to my plan for getting my work out in...that always seems to kick me out of any morning funk I may get into (I am absolutely not a morning person!).

With that in mind I was thinking about you all and wondering where do you work out? What about the days (if you do go to the gym) that you do not feel like it or can't leave? Do you have stuff at home to work out?

Personally, I am a trainer so I almost always have access to a gym but honestly, I prefer to work out at home with my boyfriend. We have a blast plus it takes out that excuse for me. As much as I love fitness and working out sometimes the toughest part is just getting started!
or when I am traveling... that is another occasion I find is necessary to have the equipment you need to get in a good work out!

Here are the essentials:
1) resistance tubing/bands- weight training wherever you need it...while it's effects on muscles are a bit different from weights you can still get in a great work out with these and they are sooo portable!

2) a good pair of sneakers! you can literally make anything into a work out but you need proper foot wear to ensure you do not get any injuries!

3)a good set of work out dvd's you enjoy and can do when in a pinch or traveling (I swear by P90x and turbofire!)

4) a good set up dial up/down weights- we have the boflex selectechs and also the power block! I cannot speak highly enough for how compact these are yet they work just as well as the dumbbells in the gyms

5) a jump or yoga mat-trust me...cushion those jumps and poses!

6) pull up bar...you may struggle with these but you will get there!!!

Some add on's for fun:
~Medicine balls- great for adding a little weight or training with instability
~Bosu ball- this thing pretty much speaks for itself...there are literally hundreds of things you can do on this!! from push ups for plyo you name it!
~Stability ball- great for instability training and abs!
~Yoga block-helps you gain more flexibility when you are just starting out
~Foam roller-pain a first then muscles are soothed...heavenly!
~ab wheel
~push up stands- especially if you have wrist issues with regular push ups!

And of course if you really want to get serious...
~EZ bar with plates
~T-bar with plates

You name it and you can do it...just don't invest in junk that doesn't work (Cue in hokey machines that vibrate away fat).

So what home equipment do you have?


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