Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight obviously knows it is easier mentally, to do it with someone, one of the main reasons group exercise classes are very popular! If you have fallen off the fitness bandwagen lately this may be part of the reason! so these are my top tips for creating a support system to help you reach your fitness goals!

1) Tell someone close to you your goals and set a deadline!
    This will give you accountability, support, and someone to just plain bug you when you don't hold up your side of the deal!

2) Make a "contract"
    Write up rules, regulations, and violations and sign it and have some one witness just like a legal document!! I know it sounds silly but trust me creating another web of accountability is very important!

3) Join a "support group"
    Talking to others about where you are and just relating to others can really help keep you pepped up and motivated! Just go to make a free account and start chatting on the message boards!

4) Have a "challenge"
    Challenge your spouse or coworkers to go in with you and have some kind of prize at the end of the time period for the person who lost the largest % of weight!

5) Sign up for something with a deadline and pay for it!
    Sign up for a local 5k or a competition something with a definite date and costs are less likely to throw money away and more likely to just train for it!

Those are what has worked for me so I really hope that helps you and of course I am here as an accountability/coaching resource as well!


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