Soooo this is where I was at the start (day 1 of the program --post P90x2 which I need to do my review of!! SO sorry guys!)

Start weight 132
Height: 5 ft 8 in

So as you can refer to below I have been sticking to the schedule with the exceptions of with the intensity of these workouts, I have decided to stick with Live Fit a little more and take weekends off. Trust me much needed and I have still been active other wise!

Goals: To add more muscle to my body and work my way to my first competition (I need to figure out when exactly but I am thinking Spring!) and photos! YAY!

After vacation I cleaned up my diet again, back to 35g or less of sugar per day (that includes natural from fruits), and other wise following the live fit meal plan!! (Go to the recipes section and try some!) YUM!

I am tracking my calories with myfitness pal (add me :-) emsimpler). I try to eat anywhere from 1500-1700 daily! As you can see the clean eating makes the biggest difference in the stomach!

I will say this I am SORE!! I haven't exactly like this before so I am really enjoying it and learning sooo much about it!!

Favorite part of Live Fit: lifting for sure...I have done a variety of programs in the past but the intensity and style of this workout is amazing!! I can already see my body changing and I love how I feel! The hardest part is taking the rest sets and rest days!!

Favorite part of Turbo: this is my "soul mate workout" my absolute favorite form of cardio so I love all aspects!!!!

Supplements I take:
-shakeology (chocolate)
-vanilla whey

-Make sure you eat enough calories!! Eating too little is just as bad as too many!
-Stay the course!! Consistency and following the guide is really key!

Stay tuned and check back for more recipes!

Have you tried either of these programs? What did you like the most?

 I have been asked to share my current plans with lifting/the gym since I just finished P90x2!

So I will be 2x workouts / day 5 days a week and on weekends just Saturday morning with Sunday's off!

I personally prefer my cardio to be more fun than machines to I do turbofire and Insanity (www.fitandhealthywithbeth.com) at home in the AM and will be trying out Jamie Eason's livefit trainer (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-easons-livefit-introduction.html) in the afternoon's at the gym!

So here is what it looks like!

Weeks 1-2

M: am: turbofire HIIT

pm: Livefit chest/tri

T: am: turbofire 

pm: Livefit Back/bis

W: am:turbofire HIIT

pm: Livefit legs

R: am: turbofire

pm: yoga

F: am: turbofire HIIT

pm: shoulders/ab

S: turbo


Yes I know Livefit says no cardio but I am much more interested in mixing things up with my own flare! Of course this means I will need to eat more as the first phase is all about building muscle endurance but I am always up for that ;-) stay tuned for some fun new recipes and tips!

interested in doing one or both of these with me let me know!