TGIF! I cannot express just how excited I am right now to actually be on the verge of the weekend! I  just need a break...more so mentally and just some more sleep! Things are pretty crazy right now so I have been a little more careful to make sure I get plenty of sleep and rest so I don't make myself sick again (Or I am at least trying)!! It's really tough when you are burning the candle at both ends so to speak but I know for my health I absolutely must take those times. Being sick was really an awful way to spend a day off  so last night I went to bed an hour and a half earlier than the usual and honestly while a little tired, I feel rested and relieved today!! Just like you need to restart your computer, sleep does that for the human body so make sure you get some :-)

Anyways I wanted to go through some time management stuff today because the biggest kick I hear lately is I don't have time and a lot of variations of that!

Ways to "find" time in the day to be healthy:
~First let me tell won't find time for things. There are always a million things that need done and until you decide your health, workouts, and body are important there won't be time. You see, we are a really busy people these days, constantly connected and never just taking time. So step number one make it a priority "no matter what comes up today I will work out"

~Schedule the time just like a doctor's appointment or a meeting with your boss. This time is mandatory and actually fun!! It's just for you and you deserve it!

~Stay active all day. Take the stairs, park further away from the store, get up every half hour to stretch and move.

~If you do not have a lot of time squeeze in a mini-work out! Something is always better than nothing!!

Here is one in case you are ever in a pinch!

Equipment free work out:
Speed squats- 50 reps
tricep dips on floor- 40 reps
walking lunges- 50 reps
x jacks- 20 reps
x push ups- 20 reps
russian twists- 40 reps
1 min plank (3x)

repeat 2x!

Happy Friday!

So tell me what do you do to find the time to exercise?
'Tis the season of illness for most people…kids, coworkers, spouses etc.

Rather than putting yourself out of commission with health and fitness try some preventative measures instead!

~Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often! Most germs are spread through touching!

~Coughing, sneezing, and wheezing like Dracula! “The vampire” into your shoulder instead of where other people are!

~Take your vitamins, whether in shakeology or a complete multivitamin

~Get plenty of rest, poor sleep patterns decrease your immune system and make easier for germs to spread!

~Water and fluids…keep everything flushing through your body!

~If you are sick, stay home! No need to infect everyone else!

~Get your vaccinations to decrease risk of the flu and other viruses

~Exercise…did I need to mention this one? YES! It boosts your immune function and keeps your body firing on all cylinders!