Happy Thursday everyone!!!! So hard to believe I am on the last day of the reset already!! At times it was definitely tough but soo worth the rewards. For me doing the reset wasn't really about weight loss (although it did help get rid of the holiday puffiness that was sticking around). For me the biggest thing was to develop better habits and a better relationship with food.

I am going to be completely honest with you guys...as much as I love living and eating healthy some days I just would get completely off track and feel deprived because Mike (my 6'5 can eat whatever he wants boyfriend) could eat cakes, and whatever else he could shovel in his mouth! It is so tempting and way too easy to feel deprived and get off track. And then the holidays come and it's pretty challenging to say no to my mom's cooking!! Of course these are all just crutches and 100% my fault. These are some of the biggest reasons I started the reset, I needed to change.

So results will come once I am officially done but here are my thoughts and of course what I have learned.


~Yes it was tough not working out, but I have plantar fasciitis right now so I needed to rest any ways. Other wise you can walk, do yoga, and other light activities but nothing too strenuous because remember your body is having it's own internal work out right now!

~the food- there were a couple things I either couldn't find or I just didn't like so I would go to a meal in that block (each week is a block/phase) and stick with the supplements.

~improvements in my life:
I sleep better...more soundly
I haven't had any stomach issues (I have slight lactose and puffiness associated with too much gluten so I have to watch)
I do not crave sugar...weirdly I crave veggies!
I am more excited to try new foods and veggies
I have found a new system I can add to my life to eat cleaner and enjoy vegetables
I have had the mental clarity to rest for 21 days
I am no longer a caffeine or sugar addict
I feel all around healthier!
and hey an added bonus the winter weight plus some body fat are goneeeee! 
Some other good things were that I have finally found new ways to eat veggies that are HEALTHY AND TASTE GOOD!!! Yes I know this was a shock for me too!! I get so tired of the same old things and honestly there are just some I plain and simple hate (exhibit green beans YUCK!). I did try as many as I could but there are just some things I like the green beans I just do not like at all! But that was okay because it didn't hinder my results. I think I will probably end up keeping a majority of the recipes and having them as sides to dinners and with lunches (especially the soups and salads!) .

Other than liking vegetables more it also got me out of my sweets kick.I do have a serious sweet tooth and I have decided that a little is okay but when you go over board is when problems arise. This is really an area you have to decide for yourself what results you want and where your goals are headed. All I know is for me, if I don't let myself have a little when I want it I will some way later to decide I earned it and over do it.

~no coffee...eh I was okay here. The first 2 days were rough I was a little cranky and got some caffeine withdrawl headaches (yup I drank wayyyy too much!) but after that I was doing just fine with green tea and water.

~I did drink my shakeology as my afternoon snack--this really helps keep my sugar cravings down!

~will I keep up with the maintenance? I haven't decided yet. I did really miss meat...I think because I couldn't have it, that made me want it more

Other random things I have learned:
I did  realize I really do love eating clean and leading that lifestyle but I am not perfect. So I am going to allow myself 2 "out and about cheats"-so if Mike and I go out or I want an adult beverage ;-) I will have those. My biggest plan is to stick to clean eating and start learning to make my favorite treats healthier.

My plan after the reset:
~ease back into eating meat
~still will limit dairy (I will continue with Greek yogurt and cottage cheese but nothing else)
~avoiding wheat/gluten--1 day of pasta per week
~eating 5-7x per day
~lots of veggies
~keeping up with my shakes
~starting body beast Monday!!
~make favorite foods clean
~have 2 outings/cheats per month
~plan and prep meals the weekend before

Have you made any big changes that you plan to keep up with?

Some of my tasty reset foods!
Protein intake is crucial to supply the amino acids, the building blocks for the formation of new muscle. But not all dietary proteins are equal! The two major types are from milk protein whey and casein. Whey is fast digesting and casein is slow digesting.

·        Whey protein- stimulates muscle growth through protein synthesis

·        Casein protein-is insoluble and slow digesting and helps with protein balance. It is also the most abundant.

These are the most common types of protein; there are of course other types! First and foremost, your nutrients should come from your foods (lean meats, eggs, your foods (lean meats, eggs, yogurt, whole grains, and plant proteins). But many people, especially those looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or lean out, supplement with protein powders as well, to get more protein in their diets.

Supplementation can change your training and your body composition but why? Well for starters it keeps you full for longer periods of time. The amino acids within protein take longer for the body to digest, and thus leave you feeling full longer!

How much? The number various from person to person but an easy trick to figure it out is this

There are a few formulas but this is the one I have found most useful!

= 1.0 or 1.5 g protein (others may use .5 or .8) X every lb of your body weight = protein intake

From there you divide that by your amount of meals for the day and voila!

For supplementation: it is crucial for your body that you just don’t by “any old protein” just because it’s cheap!! So what do I use and recommend? Shakeology!
Check out this video for more info!

In case you were curious why I wanted to do this blog post, it's because I too will be traveling and moving in fact for the next month! I of course refuse to stop me from getting more fit and healthy!! So I'll share what my plan is an what step YOU can take away and use when you go away!

My plan: I will be unable to bring my weights (sad face) and do not want to lug much equipment around with me SO I will be doing a combination of turbofire and Insanity/the Asylum (minimal equipment and YOUR body are the tools!). Also I will be taking my mini blender and of course my shakeology, with some go to foods (PB2, protein bars, apples, nuts) to stay on track! Let's face it you are going to go out to eat or not be on an "ideal" schedule so you just need to make the best of it!

Plan of attack:

1) pack go to foods! I cannot emphasize this enough!! You are going to be faced with tons and tons of unhealthy choices and one way to prevent giving in to oh so tempting unhealthy choices!

2) Take easy to pack gear! For me this will be resistance tubing, a jump rope, sneakers, lower body band, agility ladder, and maybe my pull up bar (you don't have to do this one...I will be driving so a little more space). All you need to get in a good workout is your body and some intensity!!

3) Make healthy choices when you are out! Its inevitable, you are going to be subject to either other people's cooking or going out to eat! Choose the healthiest thing you can find on the menu and order veggies or plain salad (dressing on the side) Key words to avoid: fried, battered, breaded, etc!

4) Stay active! Even if you are on a business trip or whatever is you can still try and remain as active as you can! Go for a walk, take the stairs etc!

5) Drink water!! Always have a bottle with you! This is a fat flush so trust me you want it!! Even add flavor to it if all else fails!

Plan a head and good luck :-)
Everyone knows we are getting more and more busy and nutrition seems to always be on the back burner! As a college student and very busy fitness consultant I am on the go A LOT so it is super super important for me to plan ahead or I will be inclined to go for the crap foods! These are my tips and what works for me so I really hope this helps!!

1) Like I said above plan ahead! I always make a meal plan EACH week because uncertainty and time crunch=bad eating (past experience!!)

2) Select one day a week to prepare all of your meals!!
3) Have throw and go/emergency food in your book bag/in your purse/ at your desk/ in your car! Protein bars, almonds, whole wheat crackers, and even an apple (if its not too long) are great options to keep you from grabbing take out/fast food!
4) For busy days here are some quick meal ideas!
~No sugar added plain instant oatmeal, add your own fruit and eat on the go!
~Fat free plain Greek yogurt (again add your own fruit and go!
~Almonds and an apple
~Boca burgers/patties with sandwich thins ~salad and add your own meat **this is my go to on REALLY busy days! quick convenient and delish!
~Microwavable sweet potatoes with some cinnamon (or you can just pre-cook them and go
~Of course shakeology
~ Any fruit
~Steam Fresh veggies just throw in some chicken or protein of your choice and voila!
My meal prep foods!