I have been asked to share my current plans with lifting/the gym since I just finished P90x2!

So I will be 2x workouts / day 5 days a week and on weekends just Saturday morning with Sunday's off!

I personally prefer my cardio to be more fun than machines to I do turbofire and Insanity (www.fitandhealthywithbeth.com) at home in the AM and will be trying out Jamie Eason's livefit trainer (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-easons-livefit-introduction.html) in the afternoon's at the gym!

So here is what it looks like!

Weeks 1-2

M: am: turbofire HIIT

pm: Livefit chest/tri

T: am: turbofire 

pm: Livefit Back/bis

W: am:turbofire HIIT

pm: Livefit legs

R: am: turbofire

pm: yoga

F: am: turbofire HIIT

pm: shoulders/ab

S: turbo


Yes I know Livefit says no cardio but I am much more interested in mixing things up with my own flare! Of course this means I will need to eat more as the first phase is all about building muscle endurance but I am always up for that ;-) stay tuned for some fun new recipes and tips!

interested in doing one or both of these with me let me know!