Happy Monday!!!

Man the past couple of weeks have been so crazy so I am SO SORRY I have been delayed with writing on here! Well it is official I am a full time fitness professional!

So what's next? Well I have some pretty big goals for the rest of the year...so what can you expect from me?

~More posts
~Revamping of this site!! I will finally have the time to make this page more engaging and BETTER!
~Newsletters (2x a week) a nutrition tip and a weekly work out!
~more virtual training
~more videos with tips and moves of the day!

Anywho...just figured I'd let you know what was coming next!

So on the fitness/work out side of things I need to confess...I have been in a weird weird funk of eating lately. I was doing soo great then when I got further into the bulking phase of my plan I just sort of starting saying...meh I can eat what I want! And then I realized I needed to stop...plus it is time to lean down just in time for summer!

So this week I am traveling to a class and have packed all of my foods...NO EXCUSES. It will be a great way to "detox" so to speak in that I will be taking away unhealthy fats, gluten, added sugars, dairy, and just junk in general! I did a massive meal prep yesterday and I refuse to let anything but me control my results!

Also, I will be mixing up my work outs some to burn off some of the water/minor fat and bloat associated with bulking but decreasing my carbs to a lower (NOTICE I DID NOT SAY LOW/ NO CARBS) to do so.

No complex carbs past 3 pm and upping the cardio are 2 of the biggest tweaks! Also being that I am traveling I have brought my Les Mills DVDs to try out! While I will have total gym access I think I will take my evenings to study and work and work out early in the AM with some extra cardio for the week!!

I can't wait to share the other new things I am learning and starting...so stay tuned!!

Tips for meal prep:
~Plan ahead...make a list/menu to make it easier
~prep veggies first...make things easier!
~lay out all containers and portion out foods as they are done! (I would HIGHLY recommend investing in some nice containers!)
~bulk grill or bake some lean proteins!
~opt for clean unprocessed carbs!
~grab and go and enjoy :-)

Stay tuned :-)
While the holidays seem to be the busiest time of the year it is sooo important to make time to still get in your workouts!

Fit in mini moments of activity through out the day if you are super busy!! Whatever it is, make it count!!

10 minutes? PERFECT! That is just enough time to elevate your heart rate and get in a good sweat!!

Mini workout to try:
~50 lunges (alternating legs)
~50 squats
~as many push ups you can get in 1 minutes
~jump tucks-- as many as you can get in 1 minute
~triceps dips on the ground (as many you can get in 1 minute)

Well you guessed it we are moving!! We found our dream home and have decided it was time to "get domestic" (ahhaha just kidding) thus the moving begins again!!

So last time my plan was to eat healthy and workout no matter what...well like most I did fall off my plan some. However, thankfully this was a much shorter duration and a bit easier of a transition. This time I was committed to not making those mistakes so here is what I did and plan to do while traveling this weekend!

1) Pack options for healthy snacks so you aren't tempted!
    For me this includes Egg puffs (See breakfast recipes), almonds, protein bars (JUST IN CASE), fruit, shakeology, Greek yogurt with pumpkin, fat free cottage cheese with cinnamon, endamamme, carrot/peppers and hummus. These are pretty easy to transport and will take up the in between meals.
        I eat 5-6 times a day depending on the day!

2) TRACK EVERYTHING! I know this can be challenging and sometimes a bit of a pain but trust me if you want to know what not to do this is a good way to go about it!
    I like www.myfitnesspal.com
    Add me and see what my days are like!! emsimpler is my ID!

3) Pack workout gear and dvds! Easily transportable and convenient with my lap top!!
    sneakers, workout clothes, resistance tubing, dvds. NO EXCUSES!

4) Make a plan! As unpredictable as trips and moving are have an action plan! I get up wayyyy before everyone else to ensure I still get my workouts in! Even if it's a quick one, something is better than no workout at all!!

5) Make smart take out choices! It won't be perfect of course but if you smile and ask nicely modifications can be made at almost any restaurant! Look up the menu/calorie choices ahead of time so you know (these are not always accurate but are a better way than just ordering at random).
    steer clear of: bread baskets, alcohol, sugary drinks, pasta, white rice, oils, battered

    opt for: plain, grilled, baked, broiled, no butter, brown rice, egg whites, fruit for dessert

And remember no one is perfect but preparation allows for more control and more knowledge of what you are eating!!