There is a lot of hype in the health and fitness arena lately with “gluten-free”, which is fine but most people are unaware of what it really is and why or why not they should be going gluten free! So my hope is that this will give you the knowledge you need to make smart choices and of course READ THE LABELS!

Gluten- a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye (most commonly) and is used to thicken and flavor. Commonly in breads, ice cream, and ketchup to name a few.

·        A “gluten-free” diet emphasizes other types of starches such as potatoes, corn, brown rice, quinoa, etc and eating fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

Many people go to gluten-free as a way to avoid celiac allergies or irritations of the intestines. Limiting sweets like cakes, pizza, ice cream, and regular bread is a big part of gluten-free which is great and the reason many people lose weight.

The downfall?

FDA doesn’t have many regulations on the term “gluten free” because of this many foods are labeled gluten-free when they either had little to none to begin with or they are labeled this to give the feeling of “healthy foods” which is incorrect.

In the end…

·        Going gluten-free is great for people with celiac conditions but somewhat unnecessary because you should already be steering clear of those junky foods and wheat is a great source of fiber!

·        People looking to lose weight and cut out refined grains (cakes, pizza, etc) can opt for gluten free.

·        READ YOUR LABELS! Just because it is advertised one way doesn’t make it correct, read the nutrition facts and the ingredients!

·        What works for you or me may not work for everyone so listen to your body!