Happy Monday!! I want to be 100% honest with you...I have been a little off with my work outs lately. Nutrition has been just about 100% but I just haven't "felt like working out". For someone who loves the feeling of crushing a good work out and not mention the endorphins. To me that was my body telling me I was burnt out. 

Generally every 12 weeks (sometimes even shorter than that) because honestly I just need a break! I need to wake up feeling like ahhh I get to work out not I have to work out. 

So this week starts some new work outs and honestly I am excited!!! I am really happy with the progress I had with Body Beast and it was super fun lifting that heavy especially doing it with Mike! 

I am kind of making my own stuff up to be honest...as I dive deeper into training I find I want to really test myself so I am going to be increasing my work out time per day and really what I focus on.

Goals of the new programming?
~Target my weak areas and make them better: specifically I want to improve my shoulders and my legs/booty. So I will be working those muscle groups more. 
With the weights I will also be lifting heavy with less reps and sets (so 3 sets of 6-12 for upper/lower body and 3 sets of 20 for abs). 

~I will also be increasing my amount of cardio from...oh around 0 days to 3 days a week. (2 days of HIIT + one day of Steady state cardio) 

~ another keep thing is going to be nutrition. I have selected what supplements I'll be using but not so much what macro percentage. I am thinking 40 carbs 40 protein 20 fat but we'll see. I did find out I am a fat burner vs a carb burner which is crucial and main reason I have a hard time gaining real muscle mass. 

I will be taking:
shakeology + protein powder
fish oils 
P90x recovery shake (post work out)

Also, I  think to reach where I really want to get to, it will take me about a year to achieve. So I will really need to have the big picture in mind and FOCUS!
So I want to compete...I originally thought I was ready now and for Bikini division I think I could fare okay...but I then realized, I don't want to do "okay" I want to add a little more muscle, and do a fitness or a figure show and I want to place! No more wallowing and not being out right with my goals, there they are!  

So then in all of these since nutrition is soooo key how can I or anyone else for that matter avoid feeling deprived? 

Well really, in my opinion, it comes down to lifestyle. We are a culture of people who do all things over food. Example: meeting with friends= lunch, celebrating hitting a goal at work= happy hour, birthday celebrating= going out + cake.
Rarely will you find that your friends and family will ask you to go celebrate your sister getting straight A's with a session of rock climbing or hiking. Not to say there is anything wrong with that BUT it all comes down to decisions at that point. If you are in the realm of "I need/want to lose weight" then eating all that crap just because it is there is NOT what is going to help keep that weight off. There are so many other ways you can enjoy life and friends without over indulging and over eating. The first is obviously changing your mind set and what senses you choose to enjoy the most.

Second, if your boyfriend/girlfriend has the metabolism or maybe just doesn't have those same goals as you, that's okay just be sure to hide his/her treats from line of vision. If you don't see it chances are you may forget you have them! 

Third, have "substitutes" that leave you feeling satisfied. Instead of eating ice cream try low sugar froyo or banana protein icecream (you can flavor this however you like!) or for me instead of eating all of his crap I may just have a fiber one brownie...no they aren't the best but I'd rather have something like that instead of a huge heaping plate of something I will really regret! 

Fourth, FOCUS. Is that chocolate bar really something you want or is it just a drop in blood sugar or increase in your stress level? I know this is a big one for me! At around 5 pm my levels usually drop which almost always means if I see it I will eat it. I have reworked my calories to prevent this from happening. It wasn't easy or always fun but it got my body where it needed to be.

Fifth, we all slip up sometimes. Move on and let it go! 

Have a fantastic Monday everyone! 

TGIF! I cannot express just how excited I am right now to actually be on the verge of the weekend! I  just need a break...more so mentally and just some more sleep! Things are pretty crazy right now so I have been a little more careful to make sure I get plenty of sleep and rest so I don't make myself sick again (Or I am at least trying)!! It's really tough when you are burning the candle at both ends so to speak but I know for my health I absolutely must take those times. Being sick was really an awful way to spend a day off  so last night I went to bed an hour and a half earlier than the usual and honestly while a little tired, I feel rested and relieved today!! Just like you need to restart your computer, sleep does that for the human body so make sure you get some :-)

Anyways I wanted to go through some time management stuff today because the biggest kick I hear lately is I don't have time and a lot of variations of that!

Ways to "find" time in the day to be healthy:
~First let me tell ya...you won't find time for things. There are always a million things that need done and until you decide your health, workouts, and body are important there won't be time. You see, we are a really busy people these days, constantly connected and never just taking time. So step number one make it a priority "no matter what comes up today I will work out"

~Schedule the time just like a doctor's appointment or a meeting with your boss. This time is mandatory and actually fun!! It's just for you and you deserve it!

~Stay active all day. Take the stairs, park further away from the store, get up every half hour to stretch and move.

~If you do not have a lot of time squeeze in a mini-work out! Something is always better than nothing!!

Here is one in case you are ever in a pinch!

Equipment free work out:
Speed squats- 50 reps
tricep dips on floor- 40 reps
walking lunges- 50 reps
x jacks- 20 reps
x push ups- 20 reps
russian twists- 40 reps
1 min plank (3x)

repeat 2x!

Happy Friday!

So tell me what do you do to find the time to exercise?
I lol'd at this and it just seemed so fitting!

Unsurprisingly with all the treats and fattening foods this time of the year is notorious for weight gain! How much you may wonder? 7-12 pounds!! Yikes that is as much as a new born child! Now maybe your goal is more maintaining your current weight or maybe it is losing more either way you can still enjoy the holidays and stay focused on these! The key is moderation and knowing the difference between hungry, cravings, emotions, and peer pressure!

Refer to http://fitandhealthywithbeth.weebly.com/1/post/2012/11/cravingshow-do-i-handle-them.html for help with cravings!

As far as the holidays go, you best bet is to have a plan of attack, the holiday parties and events will happen and you will have 2 choices, to indulge or not!

Here is your game plan:

·         Decide what holiday foods are non-negotiable then allow yourself to enjoy just a little! If your gam- gams makes your favorite pie then by all means have a slice, just not the whole pie!!

·         Plan ahead- we all know the types of foods and goodies to expect at family and holiday parties right? Okay so plan your plate, ½ proteins, ¼ veggies, and ¼ carbs and sweets (see just a little not the whole table!!). Why? You can fuel up on healthier options and still enjoy just a touch of your favorites.

·         If there will be absolutely zero healthy options then either bring some or eat before hand!

·         Pack emergency foods- we all get stuck somewhere and rather than starving or giving into junk foods carry some minor foods to hold you over! (EX: almonds/nuts, apples, protein bars)

·         Get your sweat on that day…not only do you burn off calories but you keep cravings subsided.

·         Sit or stand away from foods tables

·         Go easy on booze and sugary drinks

·         Wait a while between different plates…allow yourself to process the food and then go back in for more if you are still hungry.

·         Eat slowly!! Your brain takes about 20 minutes to realize you are full and you could easily over eat otherwise!

·         Don’t beat yourself up over what you ate..move on!

·         Track it…if you are conscientious of what you eat, you are likely to stay on track more easily!

·         Wear clothes that are a little snug…if you are aware of your body and what you are putting into you will be also less likely to over eat!

·         And lastly…just throw the junk food in your house away!

So what is your plan of attack?
Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight obviously knows it is easier mentally, to do it with someone, one of the main reasons group exercise classes are very popular! If you have fallen off the fitness bandwagen lately this may be part of the reason! so these are my top tips for creating a support system to help you reach your fitness goals!

1) Tell someone close to you your goals and set a deadline!
    This will give you accountability, support, and someone to just plain bug you when you don't hold up your side of the deal!

2) Make a "contract"
    Write up rules, regulations, and violations and sign it and have some one witness just like a legal document!! I know it sounds silly but trust me creating another web of accountability is very important!

3) Join a "support group"
    Talking to others about where you are and just relating to others can really help keep you pepped up and motivated! Just go to www.beachbodycoach.com/bethsimpler make a free account and start chatting on the message boards!

4) Have a "challenge"
    Challenge your spouse or coworkers to go in with you and have some kind of prize at the end of the time period for the person who lost the largest % of weight!

5) Sign up for something with a deadline and pay for it!
    Sign up for a local 5k or a competition something with a definite date and costs money...you are less likely to throw money away and more likely to just train for it!

Those are what has worked for me so I really hope that helps you and of course I am here as an accountability/coaching resource as well!

    We face will power each and every day, hit the snooze button or get up and workout, have the doughnut at the office or eat the food we brought, and the list goes on. Someone told me that it's not watching what you eat that is difficult it's watching what everyone around you is eating. This could not be more true and what it comes down to is YOU, your choices, your goals, and in the end what kind of life you want to live! Do you want to have a healthy and strong body that can over come any obstacle or do you want to be sick often and limited in mobility due to your inability to say no?

    I know we will all have a cheat here or there but consistently cheating is just plain and simple bad eating! Each day is of course just a list of choices and your response to these choices make all the difference in how your life will play out! However, there is a light and shining hope! Research studies show that will power is similar to a muscle, the more you train in the stronger it gets but there is of course the other side too...work it TOO MUCH and you fatigue and give in! So where is the happy medium? You have to find what works best for you by training yourself and strengthening your will power with consistent choices that match YOUR goals and priorities!

So here are some tips that I use to keep me on track!
1) Write it all down! What? Yes, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Keep a food journal, schedule your workouts, etc! This will keep you accountable and it allows you to go back and see where your pitfalls were and how to make them better in the future!

2) Play offense- Plan ahead!! Do not put yourself in stressful or tempting situations that you are likely to cave into your weaknesses! For example, if you know your weakness is bread at the restaurant then ask them to please not bring the bread to the table! So to avoid that binge later in the week, plan your meals, prep them ahead of time so you can just grab them and go!Whatever your down falls are just keep yourself attentive to other things and your plan and you will avoid the problem all together!

3) Pick your poison- Okay so no one is perfect, you cannot control every situation or problem that comes your way! So instead of trying to quit everything or tackle every problem all at once, pick one and stick to it and deal with the others once this task is already accomplished!

4) Reward yourself!! As humans we live for incentives and rewards! So when you do something well or you hit your goal allow yourself to celebrate some! NOT WITH FOOD...counterproductive but maybe going shopping, getting a massage, etc! You deserve it trust me!

5) Accountability partner- what other way to hold yourself true to your words then to find someone to pledge and them to and who will keep you on your toes! This person can be your spouse, a friend, parent, whoever! Just someone to keep pushing you in the directions of your goals! Maybe its a workout buddy, maybe a support group, maybe just someone who you check in and report to each other!

In the end it comes down to you and your why! No one is perfect, we all slip up, we all have issues but the key is to focus on your goals n it's okay to give in and when it's not!