Ahh Tuesday! So I have really been thinking and honestly, nutrition really is 80% of the battle! Why? Well for a little over a month I couldn't work out...nope not even a little (yes it was tough to go from working out sometimes 3-5x to 0!) but guess what? I LOST BODY FAT AND WATER WEIGHT AND KEPT IT OFF!!!! 7 lbs of water and 3lbs of fat!! Take that any day right?

While I really did miss my work outs, I knew I needed to rest and allow myself to heal so that is exactly what I did and focus on nutrition!  See Resetting My Life

So many people think that they can out exercise a bad diet and then get the results that they want...well it just doesn't work like that. I know we all wish it did sometimes but the reality of it is if we focus on our nutrition that is 80% of the battle! Honestly I used to follow this school of thought too that I could eat what I wanted no matter what as long as I got in a work out but then I would wonder why I had no abs or real definition. So I made a change..sure sometimes they aren't my favorite things to do  but I know for my health and how I want to look and feel they are worth it!
So what should you do?? Well follow the 80/20 rule! 80% of the time focus on clean eating and then the other 20% you get a little wiggle room. No one says you need to be perfect but the key is to be progressing! So maybe one meal a week will be a "treat meal" for me.

How often do you cheat or slip up?