_ How to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain!!

Why does it always seem to happen, every year more people pack on the pounds right around the holidays? It’s because Thanksgiving is the day when many gorge themselves and then Christmas follows with its candy and sweets and temptations! It happens to the best of us but here is how you can enjoy the holidays and AVOID the gain!

Make a plan before hand. Parties, dinners, and get togethers can truly wreck your diet and progress if you just graze the whole time! Tell yourself what you will do and how you will avoid over eating (if you need help with this feel free to contact me and I can help you out!)
Before the party…eat something healthy and light! This will prevent you from overeating later.
Bring the healthy food. This will allow you to have healthy snacks to eat at the party and avoid total junk!
Food tips… Eat the white meat (more lean and less calories!), fill up on fruits and veggies, avoid potatoes, use a small plate, avoid the alcohol (empty calories), and drink water!!
Hit the gym regularly and with intensity! Many people think that just because they are on leave or vacation from work that they don’t have to maintain their workouts but that is simply not the case!! Keep the schedule you would have had regardless!
Allow yourself one cheat. You can enjoy one piece of candy or cookie but DO NOT eat the whole batch!
At the party...focus on the party! Enjoy your friends and family you are spending time with!

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